Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mindanao Blogger's Backstory

As I was doing my work today, I was thinking about my FIRST post here. This is definitely not my first blog. I have a Multiply account which I daresay, is very active. My wordpress and other blogger account were having a hibernation.

I first started writing online because it was required in one of my classes during college. I started Beauty Madness here in Blogspot as my first online diary tackling about over glorification of beauty and the proliferation of skin whitening products in our mass media. It was the repository for stuff relating to aesthetics.

Then my professor the next sem, Dr. Jeni E. Eligio introduced me to Multiply for our group discussions and analysis. I signed up and kept the blog. But it was really only after College that I started tweaking my site and improved as what it is now.

When I started working in a non- government organization as an Advocacy- Development Education Officer, I felt an urge to write beyond the primers and other materials I make. I wanted to voice out what I think about issues affecting my homeland. Hence, my blog became my voice, my outlet for tackling issues about Mindanao with a bias on landless peasants, Moros and the Indigenous people.

And after attending the Second Mindanao Bloggers Summit, I was inspired to have my niche blog. To have a blog on specific topic of interest. The Summit also showed me that as a blogger, I have a share in the responsibility to promote and make people be aware that the mainstream media's write-ups about Mindanao is not the whole Truth, with the capital T. So much have to discovered about Mindanao- the land and its people. Not just about bombs, terrorists and the poverty here.

As a communciation arts graduate and as a Mindanao blogger (with a capital M), it is my responsibility to air the "other" stories- both good and bad with an emphasis to CONTEXT. A backstory or behind the scenes..a story which shows the

the history behind the situation extant at the start of the main story.
is important.

That's why I decided to name this Mindanao's backstories.

So welcome to my site.
This is May Che Capili, a proud Mindanao blogger. (--,)


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