Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Electrifying Partying!

Partying in CLub Watt without the guilt. Read why.
(Picture taken from NY TImes)

For the youngbloods (The twenty something) who loves to party and gyrate on the dance floor, here's another way not to be guilty. Aside from sweating it out while swigging some beer, how about contributing electricity by dancing?

No don't raise your eyebrows. The Club Watt in Rotterdam, Netherlands discovered a way for sustainable dancing-- a dance floor that harvests the energy emitted by the jumps and bodily movements and convert it to energy.

According to the Club Owner, the electricity is used to power the light show. But if you want to power it for your own oven toaster, you can do so. Based on their calculations, two average people by dancing can light a bulb!

This is another way of reducing electricity consumption. Indirectly, this is another way of mitigating climate change. Tagged as "greener clubbing" , Club Watt owner Mr. Tieleman says it is his own way of raising consciousness, energy experiment but without sacrificing entertainment.

It is still on experimental stage but the concept is really great.

Now with so many disco bars here in the country and yuppies (who likes to party every Friday nights or week-ends), this is should be replicated here.


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