Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Habal Habal Chronicles

I grew up in a barrio and one mode of transportation is a motorcycle called skylab.I ride the skylab only every NOv.1 or 2 everytime we visit the cemetery (it’s an uphill affair that no jeepney or other vehicle would like to stuck its tires into) or visiting my classmates in sitios. My grandmother forbade us to ride this “dangerous ride to hell” as she called it.

In some areas here in Mindanao, a plank of wood is put across behind the driver to accommodate more passengers.Just like this below.

In some areas, they have made some improvements. They no longer put woods, but steel bar to make it more sturdy. They even added umbrellas to protect its passengers against blistering heat or heavy rain. Recently, I snapped this photo for an improved invention of the habal-habal in Davao Oriental.

I decided to take my undergraduate degree in UP Mindanao (located in the serene boondock of MIntal, Bago Oshiro), and I never thought I’ll be encountering the skylab or habal-habal (as the Bisaya calls it), Everyday!

And every time I see this mode of transportation, it reminded of an incident during college. On one fateful day, I was waiting for my (guy) friend to share a ride and to save some money, of course.

I: “Ali, maghabal ta.” (Come, let’s take a ride.I just shorten the term, habal pertaining to the vehicle).

Then I heard laughter from other HH drivers and some bystanders. Confused, I asked them.

I: “Ngano diay?” (Why ?)

Manong: In Bisaya, Habal means sex.

The nuances of language.*Sigh

So much for the ride. (--,)



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