Saturday, November 8, 2008

Say Cheese at Lachi's

Just when we were trying to shed some saddlebags by sweating it out at Smash and Drop (every Thursday or Friday) my officemate Ate Lizyl wanted to eat dinner. She recommended Lachi’s.

I still have a date with my sorority sis Melody and Brod James but my stomach is growling too. I was torn between an additional fat that I have been trying to shed through this work-out and craving for cheesecake. But then again, I am hearing beer at the back of the mind (if I go with Mel and James..hhhmmm..either ways, I'll add carbs and fats) so I decided to try out Lachi's.

Just when we finished our mini tournament, it rain so hard. We waited for how many minutes for a cab but to no avail. It was rush hour. Good thing our companion, Yasou (ni tomodachi) our Japanese IT specialist decided to hail a cab and golly! He got a cab just for seconds! These cabs really know how to identify foreigners.

Before going astray with my topic, let’s go back to Lachi’s. This quaint little place is known for its mouth- watering desserts. It is owned by twins and both are really good at the kitchen (too bad we weren’t able to take their pics). They bake cakes and pastries as well as viands.

With just eight tables, the place is cramped already when we arrived. Two tables were already reserved. I learned later that you need to make reservations before coming to the place. I guess they no longer need to advertise. Word of mouth advertisement works better for them.

First, I tried spicy tuna with coconut milk. If you manage to get into their place, try their laing. It is not written on their menu so be sure to ask their attendants.

Both Ate Anna and Ate Lizyl tried laing while Yasou tried their fried tofu with teriyaki sauce. Tofu is good for people who wanted to lose weight.

And for the much awaited dessert, we ordered classical sans rival, midnight chocolate cake, blueberry cheesecake and New York tart.

Okay, for a better picture of it, look at these.

Lachi’s is located at Marfori Heights.

Satisfied. Onaka ga suita (hungry) no more.



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