Monday, November 3, 2008

Mindanao Bloggers Summit Shout-outs

I know this is a very late post. I have been scolding myself for not finishing the post beforehand. Been caught in Heroes and hanging process documentation work. (sad faced) Okay. After being soooo excited for a week since I received my e-pass, I finally met persons who are making waves in the blogosphere. More pictures here.

There’s Mr. Avel Manasala , the owner of the Bariles Republic site who talks about his beloved hometown. Mr. Bloggie Robillo (his more known as Bloggie. I even forgot his first name.. memory lapse, ggrr..), the author of several blogs. One of which is my favorite,, that emerged as one of the emerging influential blogs. To know more about food- round-abouts in Davao City, you have to check this site.

Mr. Walter Balane, a journalist- blogger, Mr. Hector Minoza and Mr. Bobby Timonera are the speakers. There were also shout- outs from student blogger like Mikko, advocacy blogger like my dear old high school classmate and friend (who was the one who really encouraged me to write and get involved with the Mindanao Bloggers community), Mark Aethen Agana, as well Dr. Bone, from Tacurong.

I can't forget Ms. Sarah Matalam, a mother, a yoga practitioner and a Muslim (which to some were very intriguing. "Pwede palang magyoga ang mga Muslim?" yes read it right . You can be both.), who conducts relief operations for the IPDs in Lanao. She's really inspiring.

There’s also Lyle Santos, a nurse turned into professional blogging and now earns from Google Adsense 3 to four times bigger than the minimum government employee gets per payday. And then, nothing beats, Ms Ria Jose who have 12 active blogs and earning from it! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

It was also a time for UP Mindanao people—sorority sis Tiara Mejos, Elton, Rea, Corin, Vanessa and Yasmin to meet up.

True to its essence, Mindanao bloggers are organizing, empowering itself to finally say “enough”! with the mainstream media’s portrayal of Mindanao.

You can check Pierre Galla’s notes for his realizations about Mindanao and for an outsider's POV.

Until the next summit guys and gals.

P.S. I am still (trying hard) writing about my serious realizations about the summit. haha.


the jester-in-exile said...

whai so seryas? :D

me said...

hala! ngayon ko lang ito nabasa ang blog ko nakita ko through technorati :) thanks for mentioning me.. na touch ako.

hope to see you next year!


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