Monday, December 8, 2008

Boxing and Family Bonding

Just after the family celebration, what's the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon with the rest of the dominant male in the family?

I stayed at my grandparents house in Lagao, General Santos yesterday trying to get some sleep while the rest of the world eagerly awaits for the international pound-for-pound dream match between Oscar dela Hoya and Gensan's very own Manny Pacquaio.

Even though my eyes are trying to close its lids, my uncle would not let me sleep. he keeps on talking and trying to analyze the possibilities if Manny wins or be defeated at the match. His enthusiasm was infectious. I was trying to persuade him that we would have to make our grocery and stroll in the mall--- the Generals (residents of General Santos) are surely glued on their TV seats, you know so no traffic, no hassle! But my uncle cum driver could not be persuaded. Even though our relative from the States who have watched the match through pay per view have spoiled the result, my uncle insists that he needs to see how Pacman defeated one of the finest pugilist, de la Hoya.

At first, I think Oscar was too slow for Pacman. Pacman definitely have improved his footwork and defense. Oscar has a powerful left jab too, and as Tyson warned our own boxer, "Be very careful." But I did not see Oscar using it on Pacman. or was Pacman just too fast for his fist? He seems at loss for energy even on the first three rounds.

Pacman keeps on punching him on his left cheek and as the blood were already visible like he was slapped by the elephant, he conceded defeat and saved his face. Manny Pacquiao won by Tehcnical Knock Out (TKO) and once again made a record.

But my Uncle has a different view of the fight. He thinks it was just so unlikely of Oscar to let Pacquiao beat him. He did not immediately respond to the simultaneous punch he got from Pacman; it's as if he was letting Pacman beat him. Or maybe Oscar lost his energy because he had to loss weight for the match?

Some rumors would say that Oscar got a bigger share than Pacman.That it was lutong Macau . I have some doubts too. *shrugs* But what's important, Manny emerged victorious and once again showed that Mindanao has produced not only export agricultural products but one of the best fighters of this times.

Besides, watching his fight is one of the best family bonding we have.




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