Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CARP and its demise, the struggle continues

After several months of convincing, persuading and rallying for the legislators to hear the voice of the rural poor sector-- of the people who feed the nation yet continue to be impoverished, our legislators decided to defer voting again due to lack of time and never-ending debate on continuing agrarian reform.

House BIll 4077, the consolidated Bill for the extension and providing provisions to reform the current law, our very own House Speaker Nograles and his landed cohorts in Congress wanted to push for "perfecting amendments" to have a "win-win" law.

How can they say it's "perfecting" and a "win-win solution" if the other negotiating party , the farmers are at the losing end? Time and again, the legislative body especially the House of Congress showed where its loyalty is. Certainly not to the farmers and farmworkers that fuel our agricultural economy.

How can these legislators who have been voted by the people to be their voices, betray them again? They have their own agenda to take care of, of course. Make so many critical laws pending and make them wait, beg for a compromise.This is bullshit.

But we, the advocates remain steadfast. Enact HB 4077 without Compromise!



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