Tuesday, December 16, 2008


A SINGLE law now costs the Filipino people about P148.94 million. That’s based on the budgetary allocation given to the present (14th) Congress, which is P12.51 billion, and the number of laws it has passed so far, which is 84. Compared to its immediate predecessor, the 13th Congress had an allocation that was bigger by P1.27 billion. Yet it is 89 laws short of the accomplishments of the 12th Congress, which had posted the lowest output since the restoration of a bicameral legislature.

We almost have 4, 000 Republic Acts!

And now we know why every legislator are trying to enact laws how unreasonable or lowly it is--money is attached on it. For concrete example, search the site of our House of Representatives and look at the pending laws, bills or resolutions. Majority of the pending laws in COngress are laws concerning the change of the nomenclature of a bridge, street, school..name it.. For heaven's sake! What we need are laws thatwould benefit the majority of our countrymen. Not a compromise. Also, strong implementation of the laws is needed. And for our majority practicing lawyers- legislators, a review of the conflicting laws i.e. Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) and Local Government Code (LGC) must be done.



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