Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kyle Baleva's way of Changing Lives

When we were young, we always wanted to change the world, become Batman,Robin or Wonder-woman and save the world. We wanted to be heroes. But as we grow old, we learn that the world is full of 'bad' guys and we could not do it immediately. We could not don the flashy suit pants and help everyone. We become cynics as we see the seniors doing what is not right. We could not even distinguish outright the Right from Wrong. There are many gray areas. We become enclosed with our own world and problems that we forget to extend our hands to others.
"Hindi ko nga makayang solbahin problema ko, sa kanila pa kaya." We shrug off the social ills that slowly eating the system, the morality of this country. We busied ourselves with our work, our family, within our little own circle..thinking that it is enough to live.

But as I was browsing Inquirer, an article about a boy in Holland raises €1,000 for RP orphans made me think again. There are still people who wanted to be heroes in their own ways.

Kyle Baleva is just 12 years old! His father was a victim of torture of the 17th Infantry Battalion. They were in Netherlands for exile. He heard stories from his parents about forced disappearances, torture and abduction perpetrated by the military. The stories inspired him to train for the hike and collect 0.20 euros per kilometer he could walk. He trained with his father by walking five kilometers every week-end and gradually increasing it to 10, 20 and 30 Kms per day for three consecutive days.

The money he collected was for the children who were orphaned after one or both parents are killed or kidnapped by the state perpetrators, i.e. military. We all know areas with military intensive operations also records high human rights violations. Our state's definition of "terrorist", "enemy" and "communist" is grayer and dirtier than the murky waters.

This is one of the most inspiring story I read after reading too much greed and corruption on the daily newspapers. This is something inspiring that uplift the spirit and erases my cynicism.

Happy thoughts! ('0')


Anonymous said...

Kyle is training again to do the "Walk of the World" this month.


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