Sunday, August 9, 2009

Refurbished blog

It’s been a while since my last post here. And now, I’m back. I refurbished the lay-out and look of this blog. Thanks for the template of Gisele Jaquenod.

I changed as well as the title and possibly the upcoming content of this blog. When I started this writing cyberspace, I wanted it to be a space for development issues affecting Mindanao. A fresh graduate and a neophyte in the non-government organization’s work, I long to show the “other stories”, or Backstories-- stories that were not usually given attention in the mainstream media especially about Mindanao. What do we read about Mindanao? Bombs, bombs and bombs! We only see the limelight when there is a blast in Cotabato, Sulu or Tawi-Tawi or the worsening poverty here despite the richness of the island.

Mindanao is always the “promised land”, “the food basket” yet majority of the population will yet have to see this. The island has always been the provider of export crops, agricultural produce to feed the country. Aside from these, we are home of plantations and mining activities. The government would say this if for “development”. But is it? And as “development worker” slash NGO worker, what’s my take on this?

Actually, I am uncomfortable with the tag “development worker”. The notion of working for “development” is something that is quite ideal, but also problematic. The very essence of “development” after all, is something that is very relative and vague. What is “development” for me might not be the kind of “development” the indigenous from Mt. Apo thinks. Who decides for “development”? I always quote unquote development because of its relativity.

As I am journeying on and continuing my learning with different spectrum of ideological battle, clashing personalities, I am also having my personal journey. What’s happening to my personal life affects my thoughts and as how I see the world.

So I decided from now on, this space would be a space for all narratives that I encounter.

Happy thoughts!



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