Sunday, August 9, 2009

Uyanguren and Korean Invasion

Yesterday, I went to Uyanguren to shop. Uyanguren is Davao City’s commercial hub. It’s like Davao’s version of Chinatown in Binondo, Manila. The place is an interesting landscape, and a hodge-podge of cultures and nationalities.

I observed that it is somewhat divided geographically albeit not so clear demarcation. On Lizada St. area, it is occupied usually by Maranao entrepreneurs venturing into Ukay-ukay business. If you want cheap finds of used clothing and bags, you can check the area. Along Governor Sales St. is the Chinese nationals domain. Along the Uyanguren avenue till the Magsaysay Avenue, on the other hand, is a mixture of Korean and Chinese. My favorite place to shop is DCLA Mall. It is full of stalls teeming cheap Chinese products from accessories, clothes, shoes, slippers, and house wares. It is a cornucopia for Korean businessmen and women who capitalize on Pinoy’s thrill for cheap fashion.

The busy street of Uyanguren

The colorful clothing and textiles sold at its stalls. Photo credit to Kitoy Bacongco.

I discovered the place when I was looking for gifts for relatives. I remembered those Korean proprietors. A “head sales lady” who is quite fluent with English will be the one who would converse or negotiate with the owner. A year after, I was amazed by the Koreans fluency of tagalong language. Every stall owner are now fluent and quite good with conversational tagalog. Blame it to Boys over Flowers and Korea’s economic boom. And it makes me think. They are here to stay, longer or even forever. And let me prophesize, as the new ‘Chinese”, they would surely conquer the business industry.


Anonymous said...

hi also living in davao city now,.. ask ko lang po if may mga crochet yarns bang nabibili sa uyanguren? tnx po!!!


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