Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pigging Out

GRUB Resto

I wanted another taste on my palate. Not the usual carenderia lunch we had at the office, or any fastfood meal. Despite the sweltering heat, Jamir and I went out and found this quaint little place in Duterte Street. The Grub Resto, just in between a saloon and Dunkin Donuts offers good food. It’s quite pricey from the usual resto and it takes a long time for them to serve the food, but it’s worth the wait.

They serve coffee, frapuccino and entrée. We order stir-fried seafood vegetable and fish parmegiano in tomato sauce. The entrée comes with brown rice. Good for people in diet and with diabetics!

Fish parmegiano for P125.

Stir fried seafood vegetable. in short chopsuey for P78 :)


Where to dine best and you don't have any idea, either ask your food-lover friends or surf the net. I choose the former. Gracey, a college friend who loves to eat with her boyfriend has almost tried every eat-all-you can/ buffet and restaurants around the city. I want a new place to eat out and I asked her. She told me to try Karlyn’s steak. According to her, it was one of the best.

I wanted to tried it with my Someone but never got a chance to do so. So when Jamir, a close friend wanted to try a happy food, something “unique Davao feel”, I told him we should try Karlyn’s. It would be an adventure for both of us. So after strolling in SM, we asked around where the place is.

Located along the highway of Phase 2 Doña Luisita Village, Ecoland, Karlyn’s serves steak ala pobre, fish steak, lengua estofado, Salisbury steak, chopsuey. They serve in buffet style but you only have to pay for what you have ordered. They will cook and/or reheat your order. The special ice tea concoction by the owner leaves a cooling minty feel on your throat.

Oh! It is affordable. The lengua is only P40, fish steak at P75 and the special ice tea for P30. Truly happy meal!

soft and tasty Lengua.

Karlyn's is at the second block near SM ecoland. For reservations and order call Tel.: 299-0087.


Davao is known for eat-all-you can restos that sprouted anywhere in the city. As Jamir said, “Dabawenyos really love to eat.” Eat-all-you-can restos manifests these. While doing his internship in our office, he had tried Grandmenseng, Buffet Palace, Kuya Ed’s, Tita Dei’s. And since his just be here for about two weeks, he wanted to savor the remaining buffet resto he never tried: Greenhills. It offers seafoods.

His first night in Davao we ate at around 8:30PM. I was so starved by then that I was not able to savor the food. The choices are not so appealing for me. When Jamir asked for an early dinner the other day and would really like to pig out, he wanted Greenhills again. For P128 per person, it’s not bad.

And since we are early, we have the best choices: Lechon kawali, spicy mussels, steamed oysters, palabok, tinolang manok, chicken fillet, fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce. There are steamed asparagus, vegetable salads, yellow mango with bagoong and for desserts: mais con yelo, green sago’t gulaman, watermelon and pineapple.

By 8PM, it rained so hard and we were trapped inside. So what’s the best thing to do while bidding your time? Eat, eat and eat! You’ll not be surprised to look at the pictures of our army battalion-like consumption.

The crime scene

The suspects!

Happy meal! ('0')



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