Monday, September 14, 2009

PINUTOS REPUBLIK: Delicacy wrapped

When looking for an affordable lutong bahay delicacies with homely feel, I recommend Melfont Pinutos (wrapped) Republik. Opened just last June, the resto was able to capture the palate of the Dabawenyos. Located along Prime Square, F. Torres Street where good food, booze and chilling abounds, Pinutos republik created a niche of its own.

The free molo soup.

It offers our favorite viands such as dinuguan, adobo, bakareta, mechado, pork barbeque, binagoongan, (to name a few) wrapped in banana leaves with hard- boiled egg. Your order comes with unlimited rice, ice tea and molo soup. Japanese specialties such as gyudon and chicken teriyaki are also available. It comes cheap- they serve for as low as P50, without sacrificing the taste.

Adodo flakes in rice with butter (yummy!)

Every night they have bands performing. They are opened for lunch and dinner. They also cater for special occasions.

Oh! I can only complain for one thing. They use their menu as their place mat. I just wish they have a separate menu list that can be reused. It's a waste of paper and in times like these (global warming and denuded forests), we have to save papers.



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