Friday, September 18, 2009

Spatial Relations disorientation

I realized the other night that I can’t be a tour guide. I lack skills in terms of spatial orientation. Sometimes, I even have to use my hands when determining where is right. I confuse names and locations. And just last night are one of those times that I would rather hide my head in shame.

Jamir, our former intern from Kyoto University and now a friend (grins), came back for an additional data gathering for his masteral research. He went to Maragusan for three days and interviewed the people in the community. After that, he went to our office and tried to process his data when he realized his GPS software was corrupted. The crack code was missing. So while waiting for our systems administrator to download a replacement for his software, Jamir asked me to accompany him. We went to SM, stroll and have our usual talk. Then we ate dinner at Karlyn’s when his friend and a fellow also from Kyoto University was in town making his rounds on faultlines. Jeff, was from PhilVoc. Jamir asked his help regarding validating his areas and Jeff, a map master and a geology graduate is the answer. Jeff said he was staying in Emerald Inn.

Jamir asked me to accompany him at Emerald Inn. I asked him, what street was it?” “Camus Extension”. Honestly, I don’t know where it is. Even I stayed in Davao for five years now (4 years studying at the hinterlands of Mintal, and a year here at downtown working), I still don’t know some places here. Davao City is the largest city in the world in terms of land area, so please spare me the harsh judgment. Hehehe.

Then I remembered, I saw a green sign of a hotel in Uyanguren. Uyanguren is an old name of a street and just hearing Camus, I thought it’s the alternate name of Uyanguren. So I guided him to Davao’s Chinatown!

I remembered standing in front of the DCLA building and that green sign. When we got there, lo and behold! The hotel sign reads E-V-E-R-G-R-E-E-N!! Not Emerald! What a shame!

Oh well, Emerald is the same syllables with Evergreen and the I associated the color with emerald. I tried to reasoned out. We asked the bodyguard where the hell Camus Extension and Emerald Inn is. Good thing a jeepner driver knows and guided us. Then I texted some office mates asking them for confirmation of the information, which I should have done beforehand.

Well, we found the place and I met Jeff after asking so many people and after sweating profusely because of the humid weather. Other good thing is, we were able to discover a newly opened massage clinic just in between Sampaguitta Inn and Emerald Inn. A whole body Thai massage to cap the night and to lessen my shame. I promise myself, to ask longtime Davao friends first before assuming anything.



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