Monday, December 7, 2009

truly happy and at peace

I have made the wrong decisions last year that continued until this year. It was never a good start. As this year is about to end, I realized I have to make a major decision to correct what was wrong.

I said it was wrong since it had caused pain to someone (unintentionally, indirectly) I did not even personally know. I also started to expect, to make demands when everything is still in a blur. And it did hurt me. I was happy, but there were thoughts that keeps nagging me. Happiness is not real if there is pretensions. That's why I decided to end it.

It was hard. I cried. But after a week, I slowly gain confidence and self- respect. I was able to reconnect with that person I did not personally know but somehow know she and I could have been better friends. Slowly, thanks to Facebook. We were able to laugh with our lunacy.

To someone, the friendship remained but in another dimension. In a clean slate.

My mind and heart is at peace. ♥



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