Thursday, February 11, 2010

Data Gaps and Discrepancies

I'm back from field work and data gathering for my research. There are still gaps and contradictions of data from the same government agency. Now that's very frustrating-- it is the backbone for my analysis yet it is lacking. I was often being passed from one office to another, from one staff to another. And when I went to the responsible person since that's what his/her designation is, I was told he/she is not allowed to disclose the budget since they have a memorandum not to give the exact amount as how much they get for their rice sufficiency budget. It's a public document and as a taxpayer I do have the right to know where my taxes are going. But they do have a different idea of 'transparency.' They can give me other data except for the budget. Now that smells fishy, right?

I could not push the person since she's only a staff and the order was from the Region. Now, I am having headache. But well, it was also a memorable experience as to how I would use my creativity just to make a subtle coercion on getting the needed data. Ha!


Anonymous said...

果然很有意思呀....這當然要頂一頂呀 ̄﹏ ̄........................................


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