Monday, April 26, 2010

Mukha ng Bayan ni Juan sa Panahon ng Halalan

Last April 20-22, we attended SEA- CEM and Mindanews' Citizen Journalism workshop.Part of the activity is the big part video plays in advocacy.

Maran Perianan, a journalist and also gives training on basic video shots to indigenous peoples in Malaysia using Flip video is one of the resource persons. He shared their experiences and the role images played in raising issues in the community such as illegal logging and human rights violations. Their group distributed Flip videos to the communities and the people in the community started taking shots and raised issues on health care and environmental destruction. This is community empowerment, of the people holding power to present the truth through their eyes.

The power of blogging and online marketing was also introduced by Sean Ang. Twitter, Facebook and our blogs are powerful tools to promote our advocacies to a wider audience.

My most favorite part is when we had our field work. Our topic is Election in particular about campaign materials.

Based on Omnibus Election Code,

Cloth, paper or cardboard posters, whether framed or posted, with an area exceeding two feet by three feet, except that, at the site and on the occasion of a public meeting or rally, or in announcing the holding of said meeting or rally, streamers not exceeding three feet by eight feet in size, shall be allowed
Section 18 (c) (You can find the full copy of Omnibus Election Code here)

So what does the common tao thinks about these materials?

One fruit vendor along Roxas Boulevard said: "Bisag unsa pa na kadaghan ilang posters, kami naa na jud mi napili-ang kandidato. Sayang-sayang ra na sila og kwarta ug naghugaw-hugaw ra. (No matter how many posters they put up, we have already chosen our candidates. They are just wasting their money and they are polluting [the area])."

Another insight from a first-time voter:"How can you expect them to implement the law when they could not even follow a simple rule?"
Sadly, our laws are just suggestions!

A photographer from San Pedro expressed his view: "Maayo man unta na kay mahibaw-an sa tao nga nidagan sila apan naa man kung unsa gyud ang kadak-on sa tarp, asa ra na mamahimong ipost. Unya wa man na nasunod.COMELEC wala may mabuhat. (It's okay since the people would know that they are running however, there is specifics on the tarp [size] and the where it should be posted. But it's not followed. COMELEC hasn't done anything)."

"Grabe na kahugaw ang kalsada. Naa man unta na regulasyon." Kuya Jun, a pedicab driver from Boulevard said. As for the street sweepers of the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), they can only clean the posters that fell but they have no authority to pull down campaign materials even it's nailed on trees. All they can do is give a sigh and continue sweeping early in the morning.

So take a look. Every faces. Everyone smiling. Photoshopped. Seeking for your attention. Hoping you will remember them when you cast your votes this May 10.

Reflection. Huge Banderitas.


Team Nograles' Marketing Line

Team Duterte's Response

Free Ride. Nauna ka. Didikitan din kita!


Talking to Manong Benny.
Thanks to my partner Tauna Maulana. :)

Matanong ko lang, meron din kaya silang nilaang pondo for clean-up drive after elections?

P.S. Be very afraid of candidates who spend too much!

Due to previous commitment I wa snot able to finish the workshop and my video. *sad* but I learned the basics. Will use Adobe Premiere on my other projects. ('0')



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