Monday, May 31, 2010


(late post-election reflections)

The result of the 2010 election is mind-baffling, stressful sometimes and posed some questions. One of the question that stayed on my mind is, despite Erap's cases and the all-out war policy in Mindanao, how he still won the heart of millions here?

Gus Miclat of Initiatives for International Dialogue wrote in Mindanews that it should be a moment also of reflection for the peace building initiatives and constituency -building. He Earpa's message is clear and heard here. We, in the civil society on the other hand, has to rethink our strategies and work harder to get oyur message across. That peace can be attained through sincere negotiations and not by an all-out war policy. Ironically, Erap even won in ARMM and Cotabato provinces where he declared the all-out war policy.

I made a pre-election survey amongst teachers, farmers and taxi drivers. And surprisingly, all of the taxi drivers I asked, about 95% out of 20 farmers and teachers I talked to, chose Erap. Some would say that those who voted for the ex-convict president are idiots. Then we have 10 millions idiots then? What's the charisma of this man? why they voted for Erap?

One of my closest elementary teacher told me that it is only Erap who increased their uniform allowance and gave them 1 sack of rice each. Same is true with the soldiers. For the cash-strapped government employees, a sack of rice monthly is a big help as big chunk of the budget goes to the food. For the farmers, during the first three months of his term, he subsidized fully their irrigation fees.

Taxi drivers has a good say for him too. "Ma'am sa iyaha lang gyud nag termino nga naundang pagpataas sa gasolina (Ma'am it's only during his time that pric ehike of gasoline stopped)."

So are these people idiots for voting him? Who would have thought that he Erap will comes second when Manny Villar has even the money and machinery?

It's the people, the masa who strongly felt that a President were able to connect with their plight. If it's the masa's idiocy, then maybe it's also the so-called intellectuals responsibility to connect with the masa and widen the discourse.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Apo divirginized me

I remembered vividly the day I saw Danny Javier, Boboy Garovillo and Jim Paredes. It was our 2nd year high school's field trip to Eden Nature Park (that was on 2001!). They were playing golf and when one of our clasmsate saw them,, he shouted! "Nandito ang Apo!" and everyone scampered to get a look of the famous Pinoy male trio and have our class picture taken with them.

Now I don't know who's point and shoot camera it was or if the picture was exposed. But the memory of that day lingered. And when APO decided to bade goodbye and will have their provincial tours, I wanted to see them for the first and last time!

May 15, 2010. For P500, I'd say it's the best birthday gift ever! My father and I had a bonding during the morning. He wanted to watch the concert too but he has prior commitments. To appease the sulking daughter? Pay for her tickets! Haha!

We have to go to CAP Auditorium an hour early. Thank God the Bugtays adopted me for the night and reserved a seat for the primadonna. It's jampacked.Sadly, digital cameras were not allowed. Peryodiko is their warm-up band but they are not yet that connected to the audience. The people were shouting for APO. When they went to the stage, the people went ballistic. The first timers, they call them Apo Virgins. When they asked how many in the crowd will watch them live for the first time, many raised their hands. "Oh, kung hindi pa pala kami magpapaalam, hindi rin kayo manonood?" Laughter. Them Jim said, "Punong-puno ang venue. Second night na namin to at puno pa rin. There are so many people who want to see us go!" Funny guys.

The whole musical arrangement is world class. They have a medley of their songs to accomodate everyone's request. Their Dobido rendition especially the Beyonce performance is just hilarious. Even until know, we really know what's the emnaing fo Dobidoo. The Pinoy folk song medley made them relevant and you would laugh at their ingenuity. The "Di Na Natuto"rock, classical and soul rendition is just heartwarming, showcasing each talent. You can feel the honesty and friendship tested by time. They have a place to every Pinoy's heart. Everyone was singing with their songs.

I personally love Panalangin.

If I would write a blurb for their concert, I'd write in superlatives: "A classic act, worth every penny. You'll be craving for more. When they bade goodbye to Davao crowd, the people stood up in awe and asked for more. They just can't get enough of this trio who included OPM (Original Pinoy Music) to our consciousness."

to APO Hiking Society, Thank you for the music.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

one,23 Hooray!!

Time just flies too fast. It's seems only yesterday when I wrote my 22nd ramblings and here I am, adding one on the last digit of my age. Nygaks!

So how's life so far?

The first quarter of the year was a tupsy-turvy of sorts. There was a moment of loss--saying goodbye and mourning, the time of the long overdue confrontation, reconciliation, healing and moving on.

You'll never know how strong the attachment is until the moment comes to say goodbye. I realized I have no talent for saying goodbye to somebody I feel strong attachment to. It's painful yet you know you have to end that attachment. It's just inevitable and you need it in order to move on and enable you to grow. You need to see and feel the pain of losing someone or something to appreciate what's coming. It is only by losing that we will learn to appreciate more what we have.
I remember Murakami saying “every action produces loss.” It's the entropy of the moral system.

You just need to chose your battle. What's important is when you're going through that very intense moment, you are surrounded by good friends, good food, good books. It is the people that hold dear to us that matter. And I am so blessed to have these people to celebrate life with. They have seen me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively. hehe!)

And I am thankful to celebrate my natal day not just for a day but for a week with you guys! (Ah murag artista ra! Haha!)

It's Mother's day and the day before the 1st ever Automated Election Day. I guess, everyone was excited as most of us are first time voters. High school and college friends gather trying to tackle some possibilities, hopeful despite the negativities.It's the reunion of the 'three little pigs', recollection of high school craziness and bonding with family members. I thank Ate Flo for her prayers. "We pray that you give May Che, good health and wonderful lovelife." pati lablayp sinali,Waynot! hehe!

It's a very gloomy day. I hope not a sign of the future of this country. Despite the heat and later on, drizzle, the people stayed on their line just to fill-out their ballots.

Good thing, I met my confidante, my kuya and the future officiating priest of my future wedding! Harhar!
Meet Kuya Father Gillarme Joy Pelino, the vicar priest of Tampakan, my kinakapatid.

The long line is a good time to keep abreast with our lives. I always tell him, if I can only clone him, I will immediately do so. We talked about the search for the Significant Other, compatibility, environmental concerns, corruption, the local government's decision not to decide on the controversial environmental code, continuing plunder of our natural resources, Paulo Freire's concientizaçao, and back to the matters of the heart. He told me the importance of common preferences as source of attraction. “Of course it won't hurt if that Significant Other is yummy too!,” I added. He laughed. If you have this guy standing next to you, falling in line even until midnight is okay!

And at noon, Heidi, my goat gave birth to two healthy kids! I already gave up my virtual Farmtown to have the real version (well, sort of). Wapeeee!

May 11
back to Davao. Still had the hang-over. So the best thing to do? Reformat/ relay-out my blog.

From Brown to white.

May 12 Chippen's Date
My former boss turned foster mother and I had a date. It's her post- masteral graduation/ post- b-day and my pre-bday celebration. I just love eating and I love eating with the best people. Habhab to the max! And while eating, Mader Pacz, Ate Alex and Lola Tigs, are already planning where the next eat-all-you-can destination.

May 13
My day and the day of meetings. Meeting with the GODC people at 10AM and meeting with the AR group at 2pm. It's a day of smiles, good food (salamat to my AFRIM family for the pancit [traditional handa for long life!], yummy fresh durian, durian yam and pan). Thanks to Ate Myrna for my colorful nails! :D Salamat for my ates (ate Nokie, Nikki and Lizzy) for the unplanned Here Comes the Bride movie date. Tawa to the max!

And to cap the night, I received a call from my father. :)

May 14
Ate Gie gives me Mushu, my blue-eyed miming! Kumpleto na bday ko! Sunod na picture niya pag nakaligo na siya.^-^

May 15
Bonding time with my father and Mushu. APO concert afterwards. Ticket sponsored by Papa. Wapeeei!!

It's just a wonderful week for me. God is good always. For my families and friends, I can't THANK YOU enough.

smooooooooochies! I loooooooove you all!

23 random things about me

1.I believe in the power of reading. My favorite book is the Book of Psalms.

2.Buying second hand books is a therapy. I tend to buy lots of books even beyond budget especially when I'm stressed. After a heartbreak, I went to Booksale shop three days straight and went home with 3 bags every time, even though I know I still have so many books at my room. Now, enough with buying. My new goal? At least two books for pleasure reading every month.

3.I am addicted to spas. Hot stone massage is one of my splurges.

4.What I love most about my work? It's traveling and meeting and talking to people from all walks of life- legislators, farmers, tribal leaders, women leaders, children. They are the best personality development teachers. :)

5.I never thought I can write. I know my writings are far from what my idols' but I am trying to learn this art. I haven't perfected yet the right way of sewing words to have a wonderful coherent composition.

6.I have no sense of direction. I have no idea why we need to determine northeast, southeast, etc. I have been lost several times here in Davao. Last year, I took the South bound train instead of taking the other side when my friends and I will be meeting in Trinoma. So much for taking the big risk of commuting alone during the rush hour! Ask my friends and I know they will laugh at my useless spatial skills.

7.But despite my low spatial and geographical skills, I love traveling. One of my dreams is to travel Mindanao. I want to visit Zamboanga and Bongao, Tawi-tawi before I turn 30. Palawan and Bohol are my next summer destinations.

8.During college, as the Mindanao representative of KASAMA sa UP, a system-wide alliance of student councils of UP System, I traveled to Baguio with only P5,000 in hand. I, Kong-kong and Ate Lisa Lisame (fellow student council members) traveled from Davao to Cagayan de Oro (by bus), then to Cebu by barge. We were supposed to have a free ride with the military C130 but due to some technical glitches , we have no other choice but to get tickets and the cheapest that time is around P3,800 to Manila! Good thing, my sister is in Manila.

9.When I stayed during Christmas (right after our Baguio trip) with my sister in Cainta, Rizal I know right there and then, that I'll never work and live in Manila. I hate the fast-paced life, the pollution, and I have this distrust for people in the big metro.

10.I love sticking notes. I keep different colors of post-it notes and notepads!

11.I like using paper clips as hair clip substitute.

12.I like babies but I can't still see myself having one. It seems 'baby talk' has become a trend and during get togethers with friends, the latest update will be who's preggy.

13.While some people think 13 is unlucky, I think otherwise. I just love my number!

14.Coloring my nails in different colors just sets my mood. (I just learned to be this kikay after graduating in college! Such as a late bloomer!)

15. Last February, I had the longest conversation/ confrontation of my life!

16.Artists amaze me. I like befriending tattoo artists, painters, performers. I just think they have the most bizarre and unnerving ideas.

17.I am seriously considering to have a permanent tattoo.

18.Flowing dresses has become my favorite get-up. It makes me feel so feminine.

19.Once, I went to a spa for a Thai massage with a guy companion. The attendant told me, “Ma'am bawal baya magpamasahe ang buntis (ma'am, pregnant women are prohibited). Oh yeah, right!

20.During elementary days, I was the first to file a case to my grade 6 adviser because of corruption. On high school, a 'cheater's list' found it's way to our third year adviser and I was one of the suspects. Until now, I don't have any idea who did it. Looking back, I just love those experiences!

21.When my sister and I are together, the questions : “Are you siblings? You're younger than her? (complete with disbelieving eyes) are expected. My sister will always laugh.

22.I abhor people who borrows money and disappears afterwards. If you cannot pay, just tell. It's more shameful and disrespectful to the person who lend you money when you needed it the most.

23. My greatest fear is to be confined in the hospital. I think it will just make me weaker.


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