Thursday, May 13, 2010

23 random things about me

1.I believe in the power of reading. My favorite book is the Book of Psalms.

2.Buying second hand books is a therapy. I tend to buy lots of books even beyond budget especially when I'm stressed. After a heartbreak, I went to Booksale shop three days straight and went home with 3 bags every time, even though I know I still have so many books at my room. Now, enough with buying. My new goal? At least two books for pleasure reading every month.

3.I am addicted to spas. Hot stone massage is one of my splurges.

4.What I love most about my work? It's traveling and meeting and talking to people from all walks of life- legislators, farmers, tribal leaders, women leaders, children. They are the best personality development teachers. :)

5.I never thought I can write. I know my writings are far from what my idols' but I am trying to learn this art. I haven't perfected yet the right way of sewing words to have a wonderful coherent composition.

6.I have no sense of direction. I have no idea why we need to determine northeast, southeast, etc. I have been lost several times here in Davao. Last year, I took the South bound train instead of taking the other side when my friends and I will be meeting in Trinoma. So much for taking the big risk of commuting alone during the rush hour! Ask my friends and I know they will laugh at my useless spatial skills.

7.But despite my low spatial and geographical skills, I love traveling. One of my dreams is to travel Mindanao. I want to visit Zamboanga and Bongao, Tawi-tawi before I turn 30. Palawan and Bohol are my next summer destinations.

8.During college, as the Mindanao representative of KASAMA sa UP, a system-wide alliance of student councils of UP System, I traveled to Baguio with only P5,000 in hand. I, Kong-kong and Ate Lisa Lisame (fellow student council members) traveled from Davao to Cagayan de Oro (by bus), then to Cebu by barge. We were supposed to have a free ride with the military C130 but due to some technical glitches , we have no other choice but to get tickets and the cheapest that time is around P3,800 to Manila! Good thing, my sister is in Manila.

9.When I stayed during Christmas (right after our Baguio trip) with my sister in Cainta, Rizal I know right there and then, that I'll never work and live in Manila. I hate the fast-paced life, the pollution, and I have this distrust for people in the big metro.

10.I love sticking notes. I keep different colors of post-it notes and notepads!

11.I like using paper clips as hair clip substitute.

12.I like babies but I can't still see myself having one. It seems 'baby talk' has become a trend and during get togethers with friends, the latest update will be who's preggy.

13.While some people think 13 is unlucky, I think otherwise. I just love my number!

14.Coloring my nails in different colors just sets my mood. (I just learned to be this kikay after graduating in college! Such as a late bloomer!)

15. Last February, I had the longest conversation/ confrontation of my life!

16.Artists amaze me. I like befriending tattoo artists, painters, performers. I just think they have the most bizarre and unnerving ideas.

17.I am seriously considering to have a permanent tattoo.

18.Flowing dresses has become my favorite get-up. It makes me feel so feminine.

19.Once, I went to a spa for a Thai massage with a guy companion. The attendant told me, “Ma'am bawal baya magpamasahe ang buntis (ma'am, pregnant women are prohibited). Oh yeah, right!

20.During elementary days, I was the first to file a case to my grade 6 adviser because of corruption. On high school, a 'cheater's list' found it's way to our third year adviser and I was one of the suspects. Until now, I don't have any idea who did it. Looking back, I just love those experiences!

21.When my sister and I are together, the questions : “Are you siblings? You're younger than her? (complete with disbelieving eyes) are expected. My sister will always laugh.

22.I abhor people who borrows money and disappears afterwards. If you cannot pay, just tell. It's more shameful and disrespectful to the person who lend you money when you needed it the most.

23. My greatest fear is to be confined in the hospital. I think it will just make me weaker.



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