Monday, May 17, 2010

Apo divirginized me

I remembered vividly the day I saw Danny Javier, Boboy Garovillo and Jim Paredes. It was our 2nd year high school's field trip to Eden Nature Park (that was on 2001!). They were playing golf and when one of our clasmsate saw them,, he shouted! "Nandito ang Apo!" and everyone scampered to get a look of the famous Pinoy male trio and have our class picture taken with them.

Now I don't know who's point and shoot camera it was or if the picture was exposed. But the memory of that day lingered. And when APO decided to bade goodbye and will have their provincial tours, I wanted to see them for the first and last time!

May 15, 2010. For P500, I'd say it's the best birthday gift ever! My father and I had a bonding during the morning. He wanted to watch the concert too but he has prior commitments. To appease the sulking daughter? Pay for her tickets! Haha!

We have to go to CAP Auditorium an hour early. Thank God the Bugtays adopted me for the night and reserved a seat for the primadonna. It's jampacked.Sadly, digital cameras were not allowed. Peryodiko is their warm-up band but they are not yet that connected to the audience. The people were shouting for APO. When they went to the stage, the people went ballistic. The first timers, they call them Apo Virgins. When they asked how many in the crowd will watch them live for the first time, many raised their hands. "Oh, kung hindi pa pala kami magpapaalam, hindi rin kayo manonood?" Laughter. Them Jim said, "Punong-puno ang venue. Second night na namin to at puno pa rin. There are so many people who want to see us go!" Funny guys.

The whole musical arrangement is world class. They have a medley of their songs to accomodate everyone's request. Their Dobido rendition especially the Beyonce performance is just hilarious. Even until know, we really know what's the emnaing fo Dobidoo. The Pinoy folk song medley made them relevant and you would laugh at their ingenuity. The "Di Na Natuto"rock, classical and soul rendition is just heartwarming, showcasing each talent. You can feel the honesty and friendship tested by time. They have a place to every Pinoy's heart. Everyone was singing with their songs.

I personally love Panalangin.

If I would write a blurb for their concert, I'd write in superlatives: "A classic act, worth every penny. You'll be craving for more. When they bade goodbye to Davao crowd, the people stood up in awe and asked for more. They just can't get enough of this trio who included OPM (Original Pinoy Music) to our consciousness."

to APO Hiking Society, Thank you for the music.



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