Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For the Man who made me Fell in love with Sports


It's already a year. So fast, how time flies.. I have lots of things to tell you. First, Sports. That's one of our discussion topics (aside from your political commentaries). I have great news for you. We have a good year for our sports.

Pacquaio got his 8th World title and that's a first in history! Antonio Margarito got a taste of Pacman's powerful punches. And that made Mayweather afraid; the coward doesn't want to tarnish his 'undefeated' record because Pacman will surely work his magic on him. Django Bustamante won the World Pool Championship. And just last Sunday, Nonito Donaire knocked his opponent down in the 2nd round. Watta beautiful game. Soccer has become a new sports craze too. Thank God, this world sports is having its rebirth here. But I bet you still won't like soccer. You can't play last two with it. Hehe
How I wish you're here. Oooh how I miss watching these games with you.
I sorely miss you. :(



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