Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walk gracefully.Write madly. Love moderately. Live honestly.

I love birthdays. Your natal day is something to look forward to. A day when your mother was busy puffing air to get you out of this world, and as you celebrate another year, you commemorate that maternal sacrifice. And you could not help but think of a better way to celebrate life. Partying, eating, and praying. That's one of the best ways to celebrate your day.

Haruki Murakami, one of my favorite authors edited one novel entitled Birthday Stories chronicling strange birthday experiences. As James Urquhart wrote, "Birthdays are the one day when one might expect to be made a bit of a fuss of, and the best stories catch the awkward tension that surrounds wanting to be noticed."

Well, I do want to be noticed, to be surprised and to chronicle my life this year. My birthday is something not to be noticed, falling on Friday the 13th- one of the day some people avoid. 13th being an unlucky number. But no. I don't believe in it. Nothing bizarre happened on that day. For one, I am sure one lucky lady- celebrating THE day not just for 24 hours but for a week! Can you get any luckier than that? :D

To show you how lucky and blessed I am, let this be a visual treat for my year.


....when your kasiopao's mom tells you look young and beautiful on your dress.
Her exact words, "Hala day, mura lagi kag bata ug gwapa kaayo sa imohang suot."
and thinks you are thin (!) and famished. She still has good eyes, mind you. :))

...when your colleagues call you Bunsoy, pamper you and feed you yearly with the traditional pancit and bihon for long life. :D

...when your girlfriends decided to have a band, Happy Freaks and have your first semi- public concert.☺
♫ ♪ We are family, I got all my sisters with me, We are family
Get up everybody and sing ♫ ♪

...when your girl friends are the epitome of craziness.

...when your group decided to reenact The Beatles' Abbey Road walk at midnight and the taxi drivers just stopped.

...when the hands of the person taking the pictures are shaking yet your smiles are like sunshine emanating.

...when you go home and your sister makes you a nanny.
Hey I'm not complaining. I love these chikitings! :))

...when your birthday becomes a children's party!

...when your birthday becomes a reunion of sort. The iGATs, elementary and highschool buddies reunited.

...when you are with your loved ones.

...when you meet new friends with the same passion.
Trekking to Hubo and Sandig Falls at Brgy. Linan, Tupi, South Cotabato for Walk for Earth 2, a post-Earth Day celebration

....when being one of the boys inspires you to be more physically healthy! :)

...when you are one with Nature and mesmerized by God's handiwork.

...when you have someone who understands and supports your fanaticism to football.
Got my darling Ronaldo Cristiano (from my brother-in-law) and Andrei Arshavin (from a common friend. whoooohoo!) jerseys, Arsenal banner (from my hunk brotha Hernan) and Manchester United's banner (upcoming promised gift from my poging tito Amor).

...when your ULTIMATE CRUSHES made your day extra special.
Jimbolicious (will be proposing next time. haha!) and Surfer Dude hottie Luke Skywater surprising me (i'm the only person he tweeted that day! paimportanmte ako eh. CHOS!) :D
and your super friends' efforts to surprise you is really heartwarming! To Manins and Ate Fetus, labsyooou both to pieces! You made me so giddy, feeling like a high school swooning teenager. haha!

...when you live life as if you just turned 18!

yeeehaaa! La vita e bella. Life is beautiful.


"Count your life by smiles, not tears,
Count your age by friends, not years."

"The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age." - Lucille Ball

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saludo sa Pinoy Putbolista!

Davao City- Big beads of sweat are streaming down from striker Ian Araneta’s temple as multitude of girls and young children are lining up for his autograph. But he didn’t mind. The Smiling Assassin is certainly enjoying the experience. As it was our turn to have our picture taken with him, one of the mom of the young football players told us the light is not good. So we dragged Manong Ian for a better lighting. My friend from the media got our pic blurry. The second time we are with a group. I want a pic with him badly. Solo! So we go back again for another picture taking. Manong Ian noticed me lining again. “Daw kapila mo na ni ah?! he remarked shaking his head and smiling. Sorry naman Manong. Crush na kita eh.
One fangirl shouted, “Kuya pakissss!” Now that's one damoves. *wink*

(Oh di ba kasabay ko lang si Madonna. host of regional GMA. Echosera ako eh! haha) :))

FYI: Before their Cinderella-like win in Vietnam, the team had a 10-day training camp in Davao. Never did they expect to be an overnight celebrities. But they are not complaining. Certainly, our mixed breed national team and Ilonggo putbolistas deserve all the limelight they have worked hard for.

Yanti Barsales and Roel Gener are not spared from the mob of high school and college girls trying to have their pictures taken. These two, considered one of the most senior members of the national football team just shook their heads, even still amazed at the attention. They are very supportive Kuyas giving way to the new breeds, young and single Azkals. :)

Chieffy Caligdong
has a different charm. He’s surrounded by the older women members of Lion’s Club. They hugged and talked with him for a couple of minutes and Manong seems to enjoy their company. Ibang level ang kamandag mo manong!

But nothing compares to the fans swarming the youngest member of the team, the goalie from Cebu, Admin J’s Batman Paolo Pascual. We are competing with hordes so I called, “Papa P, Pooooopeea Peee” He looked up and laughed. Fangirl Rule Number 1: get his attention. Check!

My kasiopao Krizzy, an Azkal fan-convert

Good thing the fil-fors are not here. I can’t imagine the crowd and People’s Park might not be able to stand the mob.

ooh, another fangirl moves. To have an excuse to talk with them longer? Act as a reporter! Haha. I got a short interview with Manong Ian and Roel.

Here's Azkal Striker number 23 thanking their Dabawenyo fans. LISTEN

Same with other fangirls' experience, I proved how approachable and funny these guys are. While having their pictures at the stage, Kuya Chieffy and Roel pointed to the sky ala- F4 pose. Sense of humor, down-to-earth attitude and passion. That’s what these guys we root for, in and out of the pitch.

PS. I was mum regarding my early out at the office for this encounter. But I wasn’t able to hide for long. Yesterday, early in the morning my former officemate texted me: “Kita kayo imong dakung ngisi sa Una ka Bai nagpapiktyur sa Azkals. Hahahaha!”

Translation: I saw your big smiling face in Una Ka Bai (GMA regional channel) having your picture taken with the Azkals.

Nyeeeeeek! Naulaw ko da. (@_@)

Azkals grace Davao 1st Summer Fest

Azkals Ian Araneta, Yanti Barsales, Roel Gener, Chieffy Caligdong and Paolo Pascual helped local 2010 K1 kickboxing world champ Steve Grandeza in lighting the torch for the opening of the Davao 1st Summer festival last April 29.

City government of Davao in cooperation with the Private sector- Small Hotels Association of Davao, Davao Association of Tour Operators and Davao Tourism Association, Davao Travel Agency Association, GUIDE- Davao, Davao Cooperative Center for Visitors and Convention, and Davao Airline Operators Association, led the organizing of the first summer festival. The month-long festival highlights different sports like Frisbee tournament, motocross, adventure race, marathon, golf, horse show, and football. Sports tourism is one avenue, Davao City is developing for promoting the city and Mindanao.

Let us make develop Davao City’s sports and show that having healthy lifestyle is one way to promote our place.” Inday Sarah Duterte said in her welcome remarks.

Azkals, Steve Grandeza and Summerfest organizers with Davao City Mayor Sarah Z. Duterte

Sports tourism is viewed as another come-on for enthusiasts and locals. Beating the summer heat with healthy body and encouraging future athletes. For the schedule of activities click this.Local government units (LGUs) support are very crucial for sports development. The Cinderella-like story of our national football team shows we can truly excel in an area we are good at despite the odds. Local athletes, sports enthusiasts and young football players of Ateneo in their jerseys gathered in the fields of People’s Park to witness the event and to have their pictures and autographs by our own Azkals.

With the under-23 PFF Suzuki Cup qualifiers held last April 28-30, the national team hopes to find the future Azkals all over the country. Here's the complete list of the U-23 Quarterfinals


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