Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saludo sa Pinoy Putbolista!

Davao City- Big beads of sweat are streaming down from striker Ian Araneta’s temple as multitude of girls and young children are lining up for his autograph. But he didn’t mind. The Smiling Assassin is certainly enjoying the experience. As it was our turn to have our picture taken with him, one of the mom of the young football players told us the light is not good. So we dragged Manong Ian for a better lighting. My friend from the media got our pic blurry. The second time we are with a group. I want a pic with him badly. Solo! So we go back again for another picture taking. Manong Ian noticed me lining again. “Daw kapila mo na ni ah?! he remarked shaking his head and smiling. Sorry naman Manong. Crush na kita eh.
One fangirl shouted, “Kuya pakissss!” Now that's one damoves. *wink*

(Oh di ba kasabay ko lang si Madonna. host of regional GMA. Echosera ako eh! haha) :))

FYI: Before their Cinderella-like win in Vietnam, the team had a 10-day training camp in Davao. Never did they expect to be an overnight celebrities. But they are not complaining. Certainly, our mixed breed national team and Ilonggo putbolistas deserve all the limelight they have worked hard for.

Yanti Barsales and Roel Gener are not spared from the mob of high school and college girls trying to have their pictures taken. These two, considered one of the most senior members of the national football team just shook their heads, even still amazed at the attention. They are very supportive Kuyas giving way to the new breeds, young and single Azkals. :)

Chieffy Caligdong
has a different charm. He’s surrounded by the older women members of Lion’s Club. They hugged and talked with him for a couple of minutes and Manong seems to enjoy their company. Ibang level ang kamandag mo manong!

But nothing compares to the fans swarming the youngest member of the team, the goalie from Cebu, Admin J’s Batman Paolo Pascual. We are competing with hordes so I called, “Papa P, Pooooopeea Peee” He looked up and laughed. Fangirl Rule Number 1: get his attention. Check!

My kasiopao Krizzy, an Azkal fan-convert

Good thing the fil-fors are not here. I can’t imagine the crowd and People’s Park might not be able to stand the mob.

ooh, another fangirl moves. To have an excuse to talk with them longer? Act as a reporter! Haha. I got a short interview with Manong Ian and Roel.

Here's Azkal Striker number 23 thanking their Dabawenyo fans. LISTEN

Same with other fangirls' experience, I proved how approachable and funny these guys are. While having their pictures at the stage, Kuya Chieffy and Roel pointed to the sky ala- F4 pose. Sense of humor, down-to-earth attitude and passion. That’s what these guys we root for, in and out of the pitch.

PS. I was mum regarding my early out at the office for this encounter. But I wasn’t able to hide for long. Yesterday, early in the morning my former officemate texted me: “Kita kayo imong dakung ngisi sa Una ka Bai nagpapiktyur sa Azkals. Hahahaha!”

Translation: I saw your big smiling face in Una Ka Bai (GMA regional channel) having your picture taken with the Azkals.

Nyeeeeeek! Naulaw ko da. (@_@)



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