Friday, July 15, 2011

Saying Adieu to the Trio

Proud to be part of the Harry Potter Generation

1090739 words. 3363 pages. 199 chapters. 7 books. 17 hours and 14 mins. 8 movies. One generation: The Harry Potter Generation until the end.

Rowena Angela Salanga (Roan) was the culprit (in a good sense!). We were in second year high school when she gave me a book. "Maych basahin mo. Maganda ang story. Wizard ang bida. It's addicting, " she told me. She knows how I devour books. Her aunt sent her a copy of that book that changed the landscape of my (and yours!) adolescence.

The first book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was already famous abroad and Warner Brothers got the rights of adapting it into the silverscreen. It was one of the most successful movie franchise that involved our generation.

Came December 2001, Harry, Hermione and Ron debuted in the movies and we felt like we were part of that magical world. Many got interested to read the book. Roan's book suffered the eagerness of students from two classes. It passed from one hand to another until it got lost.

We were bewitched. Every time the new book was released, I watched out who got it first and has to ask him/her to let me borrow it first. I offered Roan to cover the second book for her. We were poor and I could not afford to buy the books, so I have to be a good borrower. :))

When a friend got the Chamber of Secrets, I only got one day (and it's a school day!) to read it since the list of borrowers are loooooong. Instead of listening of Ma'am Ocate's lecture on how to name the organic chemicals, I accompanied the trio in their adventures to find the basilisk.

J.Rowling is a master story teller, weaving a new magical world for our generation. We feel like we are Muggles who wanted to have a taste of Hogwarts. Harry Potter is not only for children. I knew a professor who got hooked on it too. And I was not surprised that even one of my boss, is also a fan.

It's a book that crossed beyond borders, age and religion. Some said, HP encourages witchcraft and occultism. Nah! While the previous generations had Star Trek, Star wars, Lord of the Rings, well, our generation enjoyed Harry Potter.

So when Twilight by Stephanie Meyer was released, comparing it to HP is inevitable. And Stephen King (one of the best suspense writers) compared both authors. He wrote: "Both Rowling and Meyer, they're speaking directly to young people... The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good." (emphasis mine)." And this picture also circulated.

(He got a point somehow! hehe)

I wrote about this on my other blog and my friends and I had an interesting discussion. Harry is Harry. And Edward the vampire is another matter. For as long as this generation will read! :))

Harry Potter spans years of waiting - from high school to college. I even saved my allowance (that entails no merienda and just writing notes, no photocopying just to save! hahaha!) just to buy my first ever HP book- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I awaited his adventures and transformation. I feel like they were our friends I grew up with. I cried when Dobby was killed. I cringe at the thought that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named will rule again. I analyzed and speculated who'll probably be Harry's love interest in the end- Luna or Ginny? I giggled when Harry and Ginny finally kissed. (And I know you have felt these too!)

And last night, was the second part of the last movie. As early as Monday, we booked our tickets at Abreeza. And as expected, it was almost full. While lining up, we were surprised that the ones on the line were already grown-ups. No High school students in sight. And then we laughed. Of course. The loyalists remained, it was our generation, most are now working or even have their own families.

The thought that we would be saying adieu to this wonderful trio made us all sad. Tears started to fall when professors were muttering spells to protect Hogwarts. It was the start of the Ultimate battle between good and Evil. As the credits roll, I cried as if I'm losing a friend. OA na kung OA.

To JK Rowling, Thank you for making us experience the magic. For the actors, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe, thank you for growing up with us. As you leave Harry, Hermione and Ron behind, it is not the end. The magic continues. :))

And to my perennial date, Ate Lizzy thank you for being a good company. Thank you for the donuts that cheered me up.



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