Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zipping our mouths in Lake Sebu

All work and no play makes one dull. So for this year, our office have our much deserved rest and recreation in Lake Sebu.This is one of the most memorable trips of crazy people.

Here's our iterinary prepared by our IT personnel, inhouse corny joker Kuya Jorge:

PS: Notice that our main stops in different municipalities are for resting and EATING!! Me gusta. :))

Day 1
8:00am Davao - GENSAN
9:00 Breakfast at MERS (Digos)

Try their hot choco and puto. Best way to perk up your day! :)

12:00nn Lunch at Nadie’s Chicken House (Tupi)

Must try chicken inasal.

Wala ng usapan during lunch. Tom Jones na sobra! :)

1:00pm Travel to Koronadal City
1:30 Break at Ojie’s Ice Cream Station (Banga)

2:00 Courtesy Call with Surallah Mayor

This not solely a trip. It is with a purpose. We met the Municipal Agriculturist and discussed Mayor Romulo "Mulong" Solivio's Program on Local Economic Development through Organic Agriculture and co-management (with DENR) of Watershed System. I salute Mayor Solivio for winning the 2009 Galing Pook with its Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Medicine Program. I salute the Leaders who truly find innovative ways to connect with private sectors without compromising his/her constituents. Padayon Surallah! :)

we went to the Surallah Organic Center near the Municipal Hall ground and bought organic products produced locally. We call for support of small farmers. :)

Ate Tess supervising the planter. hehe. This is at the Surallah's vegetable demo farm.

Talking to several organic rice farmers and the struggles they have to go through like the resistance even of their own siblings on their advocacy to stop the use of synthetic fertilizers. KUDOS TO THE STEADFAST FARMERS! YES to HEALTHY LIVING! :)

3:00 Travel to Lake Sebu

6:00 Dinner at floating restaurant and Videoke at(Punta Isla)

The wacky AFRIM peeps at Punta Isla Resort.

Day 2
7:00am Breakfast
8:00 Trekking to SEVEN FALLS aaaaaaaaaaaaand ZIPLINE

At FIRST FALLS with Ate Lizzy. We've been here before!

At the 2nd Falls. The HIGHEST FALLS.

Overlooking 2nd, 3rd (hidden), 4th and 5th Falls!

ZIPLINE. THIS IS THE ONLY THING I've been looking forward to! Try the highest (1,200 ft) ride of your life! Pay P250 on weekdays (P300 on week-ends) to be scared and to shout your hearts out. Ate Lizzy, my perennial partner and I had the time of our life, watching Fall 2 to Falls 5. Exhilarating experience. Here's the proof! :))

12:00nn Lunch at 2nd Falls

Eat all kinds of tilapia dishes. Try the chicharon tilapia, deep fried, sinugba, paksiw, sinigang, fillet,nilasing na tilapia. After 2 days, you'll never look at tilapia again! LOL! Hey! Don't worry. They do serve other dishes. Try the nilagpang na manok. :)

1:00pm Boating around the Lake

Ang inulang boating na hindi nagpatigil sa kakiatan ng lahat! :)

6:00 Dinner
7:30 Midyear Assessment (All tired. But we have to do this. Or else! )

Day 3

7:00am Travel to Surallah
7:30 Breakfast at Kipot Hito Farm (Surallah)
8:30 Travel to Kablon Farm for exposure(Tupi)

We met Eunice, the HR/ Admin Manager of the farm. it was enriching talking to her experiences- about working in a corporation and going back to help in the family business. She's a young professional with a vision.:)

12:00 Lunch at Sarangani Highlands

Ang pag-eemote ng inyo pong lingkod! Patawarin naman. hehe

1:00pm Shopping for Tuna products/ Dried Fish
2:30 Halo-halo at Razon’s
3:00 Travel back to Davao for other staff while I went hoem again to attend the National IP Women Gathering in Koronadal City.

It is one of the best lakbay laag! :)) I'm still floating.

To my dear readers, you might want to use the above iterinary when you want to travel to Lake Sebu and Gensan.




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