Monday, August 15, 2011

My Bucket list

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. It comes from the term "kicked the bucket".The movie by Rob Reiner called "The Bucket List" featuring two terminally ill men (played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) go on a road trip to do the things they wanted to do before they die.

Inspired also by Nikki Tomines, a friend I met in twitter, I am making now my own list to accomplish before my hair turns grey.:)

1. learn how to swim
One of the MUST things to do since the succeeding lists are all about water! I really feel I'm a mermaid incarnate (because I love love love the sea!) but the punishment for my over kakulitan is not knowing how to swim! Haha! Well..i do know how as long as my feet can touch the sea floor.When I can no longer feel the sands on my feet, I panic. Need to get over the trauma soon!
2.Learn surfing in San Juan, La Union and have hottah hottah Luke Skywater as my teacher. (He promised already. I hope I won't be distracted. Might end up drooling at his abs. haha!)
          Managed to get his autograph instead. haha  Soon LU and Lukey. Soon.

3.Swim with the pawikan, butanding, and/or dolphin.

4. Explore Palawan esp. Coron. Culion and Cuyo!

5. Go to Bongao, Tawi-tawi.

6. Make my inter-island trips: Cebu-Bohol and Bacolod-Dumaguete-Siquijor.

7. Go bungee jumping, skywalk and scuba diving.

8. Climb Mt. Apo and Hamiguitan bonsai forest.
             Reached the peak of Mt. Apo last May 12,2012 at 11:40AM.

9. Watch Azkals football match live. (done last Dec. 3,2012. Seeing David Beckham in flesh was a HUGE bonus!) 

10. Watch FIFA World Cup. 2014 in Brazil. 2018 Russia. 2022 Qatar. :))

11. Watch Cinemalaya premier night.

12. Buy a domain for my blog.

13.Buy DSLR.

14.Get my photograph(s) published.

15.Help friends make their coffee table books (Heads up for Kuya Julz and Eli! Hanap na tayo ng sponsors.:))

16.Organize another birthday school supplies giving for the kids.

17.Study MA abroad.

18.Have my own library.

19.Donate blood.

20.Get inked! :)

21.Learn to play the guitar.

22.Wear a Filipiniana terno. (wore one during the last day of class in a two-week training at Wageningen University). Here it is:
Who's the walking sun?! HAHA!

23.Do this stunt:

24. Relearn playing the kulintang.

25.Witness a meteor shower.

26.Dress up for a costume party.

27. Brush up my cooking skills.

28.Learn ice skating.

29.Act in an indie film.

30.Fly in a hot-air balloon.(To fly I just learned is very very expensive! around 7k each. But I did go to the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Airfield last Feb. 12,2012 with the Happy Freaks!)

31.Learn poi dancing.

32.Ride an elephant.

33.Learn a new language (still torn between Italian or Spanish).

34.Be a licensed massage therapist.

35.Travel Europe. (Blessed to travel a small part of it, Netherlands and Belgium last Feb. 19-March 12,2012).

36.Experience Sakura (cherry) blossom festival in Japan.

37.Visit Cuba and Curitiba, Brazil (one of the best eco-city. it's mantra? A city for people, not cars! Awesome!)

38.Retrace Che Guevarra's motorcyle journey.

39.Visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed park.

40.Visit Jerusalem.

41.Walk the Great Wall of China.

42.Explore a castle.

43.Fire a real gun.

44.Visit Africa.

45.Organize a surprise party for someone.

46.Stand at a border of 2 countries. (The closest I got is standing on the bridge delta work at Oosterschelde, Netherlands which is at the boundary of Antwerp, Belgium. Locally, traversing Samar-Leyte in 20 minutes is one of  the best trips I made. First feeling of being in 2 places at the same time.) 
at Oosterschelde

Tacloban-Samar in 20min

47.Go on pilgrimage in India. Aside from Taj Mahal, I would love to visit this new Star Wars-like building in Mumbai (and wear Padme Amidala-like dress.weeeiiii!)

48. Write an autobiography.

49.Develop ancestral home. Probably have an orchard.

50. Find someone who is God-fearing to share my life with.



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