Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to enjoy Tuna Festival?

General Santos City. The Tuna Capital of the Philippines.

What more apt to celebrate its festival but to name it after its main industry? For this year's Tuna Festival, the theme “Exploring New Depths, Conquering New Heights” showed what the Generals are capable of. They had a long list of activities.

But for me (a transit inhabitant of this city), the best way to celebrate is to partake the freshest tuna for the unlimited Sashimi Night! :D The Japanese will have a heyday for this. For P150.00, enjoy the tuna and 1 bottle of beer/Coke.

(PS. Disregard the date. Stupid camera!hehe)

The fish killer!

Chillin' out with this cool couple- Kuya Jorge and Ate Chinkee.

And the best part for the night? Winning a free overnight stay in Family Country Hotel (valid until November).

And my grandma discovered this new resto, the House of Cashews! Owned by the Fuentespina, all of their food are served with cashews. Located at #5, ECA FOOD ARCADE, ECA Building, National Highway (fronting Citra MINA), they serve all food with cashews. I would love to try their cashew version of kare-kare but sadly, they don't have a steady supply of oxtail. But you can try the Specialty of the house - fresh lumpia. Freshly cooked in olive oil egg wrapper embedded with the deliciously mixed chicken strips and ubod ng niyog with chopped cashews and Covered with herb-honey sauce with garlic and cashews. For only P45.00, busog na!

Bonding over food is one of the best things in life.<3


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Thanks for including us in your blog Ma'am (",) HOUSE OF CASHEWS


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