Monday, November 28, 2011

Dilated Pupil (♥ _♥)

11.20.11 in retrospect

Eleandre Basiño Buendia, more famously known as Ely and front act of the now defunct Eraserheads is my first love and my demigod. Forgive me for the cheesiness but it’s true! When you grew up with rockstar wannabe cousins Eheads songs are an everyday company.

Ely, my first love (to use the word "love' loosely. hehe)

Living with my testosterone-high cousins proved to be a good influence in terms of music choices. The time when Beatles swept Europe, Ely, Raimund, Buddy and Marcus from University of the Philippines Diliman made a mark in the music industry like no other.

The four boys clad only in jeans, tshirt and sneakers rocked my world. These guys swept Philippine rock music industry during the 90s. Hell, I grew up with Huling El Bimbo and Toyang every afternoon blaring on our music radio while I hop scotch with my friends.
They taught me how to be happy despite difficulties (With a smile), of being young and in love (Harana), respecting gender preference (Hey Jay), and the struggle the people, the masa has to face everyday (Para sa Masa). Their songs continue to be high school favorites during jamming sessions and a subtle way of making pacute with your crush. Until now, their songs is our videoke favorites as the easy to follow lyrics and rhythms great for barkada sessions.

The bands break-up is like a first love’s break up too. It hurts too much. After all, it is natural for any group (or organizations), to face challenges as part of its growth. But life must go on and Ely, the master songwriter tried to find his place under the sun. After several experiments, he is now with Pupil.

And when my best gal told me there’s a Pupil gig in Abreeza last November 20,2011, all hell comes loose. Relations and connections proved to be helpful. Fortunately, I was able to buy a cute black dress from one of Abreeza’s shop to get an extra pass for our another friend. That’s how Ely can make us panic.

Ely once tweeted he would no longer sing any Eheads song in any Pupil gig. But when he and the rest of Pupil members started their show after an hour delay!), four guys from our row shouted, “Eheads song! Alapaaaaaaaaap!” Oh well. No matter how much they wanted to get away from Eheads memory, it is a BIG part of his story. Even our story. And it’s no wonder during the meet and greet, still a lot of fans wear Eheads shirt and brought Eheads CD.

This is no disrespect to other Pupil members. I love them. Personal favorite songs are Nasaan Ka (2006 MTV Best Rock Video Award), Disconnection Notice, Different Worlds and 20/20. We are thankful that Yan Yuzon (lead guitar), Dok Sergio (bass) and Wendell Garcia (drums) are great guys who are not neophyte musicians. I know they understood us (and other diehard Ehead fans) when we choose to take our pictures with Ely first. My friend Krizzy and I planned of kissing Ely for a whole lot 5 minutes (no malice, promise!), we planned on how to approach him and witty remarks perhaps to get his attention. But when it’s our turn, we were dumbfounded. All we could manage to do was smile, and say Thank you. Argh! Good thing, another Ely fanatic, Den had the nerves to shake his hands. A silent fanboy, we discovered. :)

The fanboy and fangirls

It’s his charm and the mystery of close brush with Death that endeared him to me more. Oooh Ely. I promise. when I see you again, I will paint my lips red and give you a kiss. :))


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