Thursday, January 19, 2012

Huwag maging Dayuhan sa Sariling Bayan: It's More Fun Here!

Branding. Tagline. Tourism.

It's an answer to the question of tourists especially foreigners: "Why should I go to the Philippines?"

A marketing strategy. to promote our country. From Wow Philippines!, short-lived Pilipinas kay Ganda to the new tourism brand: "It's More Fun in the Philippines."

Wow Philippines conceptualized by former DOT Sec. Dick Gordon was very successful. No doubt about that. They had statistics to prove that claim. That's why when it was changed into 'expensive but poor Poland ad copycat" Pilipinas Kay Ganda, so many raised their eyebrows. If ain't broke, don't fix it.

Pinoy OFW posted on its blog reasons why this new slogan lacks appeal and criticized its lousy concept. No wonder a month after it's launching, it flopped and was junked.

Here comes another administration. Another DOT Secretary. A man with PR background. and the new brand was launched!

The new brand carries a bright, colorful logo that features a colorful “banig” or mat bearing a woven image of the Philippine map in yellow. Overwhelming reaction of citizen rose. But it was mixed with disbelief when someone discovered this tagline was "copied" (again! Poland ad hello?!) from Switzerland ad in 1951.

I was even shocked when my journalist friend said it was copied and tagged me the 1951 ad. But looking closely, the presentation was very far. It was the same okay. But maybe Foucault is right. No one holds the Absolute concept. That there is no such thing as "original" idea. Probably. And what's more important is for us, Filipinos to own this concept.

As DOT Sec. Ramon Jimenez said:

“Come to the Philippines because we are more fun… we are a place to reconnect with your humanity, with family, laughter and basically with yourself...We need a line that is easily understood. Competitive. More fun in the Philippines is true. Keri natin ito.”

This ad is not solely for the foreigners but also for more Filipinos to travel within our country. Explore our country first! Explore you locality first; be the local guide. Know more about your place- Beyond history, beyond restaurants and tourist spots. But know also the political dynamics, the threats; its strength and weaknesses. Own your place.

And I would like to promote MINDANAO tourism above all. WOW MINDANAO especially to our fellow Filipinos who still think Mindanao is about bombs, bandits, terrorism and boondocks. And as Cielito Habito wrote,
"...Mindanao is the future of the Philippines,” remarked my daughter last week. She was marveling at the futuristic new city hall rising in Tagum City, Davao del Norte (“looks like Singapore,” she said), the wide highways we traversed to get there, and the great natural wealth visible in the lush agricultural crop around. It struck me how she could make this observation on what was only her second visit to Mindanao. She had formed her first impression of Mindanao several years ago when a friend invited her to their place in Bukidnon, and was deeply impressed then at how well endowed our southern regions are...
......I haven’t even begun to talk about the great tourism potentials in Mindanao, which I had my family sample firsthand for the first time last week. Everyone’s now mouthing our new tourism slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Well, we discovered that family vacations could be even more fun in Mindanao...I think my daughter had it right: our country’s future is in Mindanao."


So here's my contribution to the new tourism slogan.

San Juanico Bridge, Leyte
Sunset and Full moon experience! <3

Mayon Volcano, Daraga, Albay

Ricefield in Gutalac, Zamboanga del Norte during sunset
The sky is like a painting, splashed with watercolors!

Habal-habal Ride coming from Lake Holon, T'boli, South Cotabato

The risk and the laughter that come with it is priceless! Onli inda Pilipens!
Photo by Mr. Julz Mella
Skylab or Habal-habal. Ingenuity and Risk taking!
field work going to Butuan City

I love jumpshots! and doing it with new acquaintances are even better! :)
Lake Holon climb

Walk for Earth Celebration at Hubo Falls, Tupi, South Cotabato

Kadayawan Festival like no Other.
To enjoy it more, act like a Turista! Be curious! :)

And to cap my love for traveling and learning, here's a visual treat on why you should discover this 7,107 islands called Philippines:

There are lots and lots of reasons why you should visit our country. Tara, byahe na tayo! TRAVEL YOUNG! Boost Local Economy! be a green traveler. :)


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