Sunday, February 19, 2012

Freaky Happy Pre- Valentines

“Valentine’s Day is a celebration, but it becomes a crucial time for self-evaluation. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day – and being in a relationship isn’t the only way to enjoy life."

So the best way to enjoy the much awaited Hearts Day? Spend it with your single friends. travel together. be crazy. And it was our FIRST trip together.

Saturday is for learning about history of Manila. We took Carlos Celdran Walk Tour. Lunch time is for Binondo Food trip. Afternoon is for Divisoria shopping.

Sunday is for the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark Air Field, Pampanga.

(will post more after I find my sanity. hehe


Shean Roxanne said...

Wow, kami kay wala natuloy. hehehe. I'm glad you did enjoy your valentines day. - Shean

May Che said...

Yeha Shean. It was like an unplanned purchase of the plane tickets because of promo. then planning what to do there comes after. :)


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