Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brussels: The Touristy Act


Brussels is a huge, historical prominent city full of surprises. Since the CS meet-up was unsuccessful, I decided to do the most touristy act in my whole trip: Sightseeing Brussels on a hop on hop off bus  for 20 euros (student price. Yes, because I look like one. haha! No ID required.)!:D

Here, they use the audio tours. And I don’t know why but I don’t like audio tours. It’s either my headphone’s not working or my ear drums refused to listen! Haha! Most of the seat I took, the English tour didn’t work. So I just ‘see’ these works of art and guess based on the brochure given by the bus operator.I took the best seat in front of the double decker bus but later on, I had a seatmate who’ s smell will just take your breath literally away! (Any idea why? You can guess. Hehe) 

I went out and stayed with the Spanish teachers group outside of the bus. I wanted to stay on at the back of the tour bus where it’s open but the chilly wind made me shiver. I still need to go back in Amsterdam in one piece and healthy so I have to go back inside.

When we arrived at Bus stop 9, it rained hard. The mini-Europe park was closed so I took the Atomium tour instead. 

Atomium was constructed during the 1958 World Fair. It became Brussels’ key landmark and became known internationally for its futuristic design. A seminal totem that houses the prestigious design during the Expo 58. It’s a haven for engineering and architecture students wherein different models of former pavilions, permanent exhibitions of that glorious event. It was designed by Andre Waterkeyn, it symbolizes an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. The nine large spheres are connected by 20 tubes, and supported by three enormous pillars dominating with a height of 102 meters. The spheres with 18 meters diameter were fitted out by architects Andre and Jean Polak. 

architects and engineers would love this place!

The Floating balcony for Kids

the 360 panorama view
The upper sphere also offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city. At this level, you can also the mini-Europe, Planetarium and King Baudouin Soccer Stadium.

mouth-watering waffles! :D
Still, meeting and talking to a local is the best tour that you can do. I would not recommend this unless you have no other choice. Sadly, it rained hard in the afternoon. I even panicked when I learned the last bus was only until 4:30PM. Atomium is a long drive from the central station and I don’t want to spend another dime for a bus! Good thing the bus here are not on the dot, so I was able to catch the last one but I have to run as fast as I could! Breathless and a 5 minute- search for the bus ticket, I was able to reclaim my good seat in front on top of the double-decker bus. And I have to smile and thank the universe for a handsome seatmate that time! 

All izz well. 

Time to leave

the Platform.

Goodbye Brussels! :)


Lance Catedral said...

So fun, Maych! Nag-enjoy ka gid!

May Che said...

Lanceeeeeeeeee!:) Taking advantage of the opportunity. Not sure if I'll ever come back. So yeah, wagas ang laag sa extra week! haha


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