Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Date a Guy Who Reads

Sometime last year, I read articles entitled “Date a girl who reads” by Rosemarie Urquico as an answer to Charles Warnnke's  “Date an illiterate Girl”. It made me smile and laugh hard. The things people write when inspired or heartbroken.

When I was in Brussels, I saw this one guy who read at the platform near the escalator of Brussels Train Station! Sweet. I snapped a photo of him and was inspired to write my own version of “Date a Guy who Reads.” Teneee

So here’s my own version of the  itsy-bitsy teeny weeny flirtation with guys who read.


Reading is a habit one picks up at a tender age. A child is very curious of the world and he/she must be encouraged to discover the word through written words. Now, more and more children are into watching TVs  than discovering the world through their imagination.

The book helps us imagine, create worlds beyond our grasp. Reading should not be only the “habit of the rich.” In a country with expensive books, literacy program on nil and changing education system, parents must instil the habit of learning. And reading should not be expensive. Second hand bookshops abound. If you’re creative and patient enough, Classic books can be bought at Bookshop. Befriend the Bookshop attendant, give them the titles you’ve been dying to get your hands on and they’ll happily keep it for you.

I’m always drawn to a man with a book on his hand/ or on his bag. There’s nothing sexier than looking at the man you love holding a book, reading, Then he suddenly stopped, looked at you lovingly and smiles. Or winks.  

Date a guy who reads because he will understand your moment of lunacy; he’ll understand when you talk alone trying to figure out the characters’ desires and reason for vengeance. He will understand why you forgot the time as you’ve been too engrossed in a book.

He will smile when you cry over a death scene on the pages of the book. He will be your knight. He knows that chivalry is the way to win your heart. Bookshops will be your dating place. A good bench at the park is his place to de-stress. He will recite excerpts of Sylvia Plath on your birthday, hand you Maya Angelou when you’re down or show you political ironies of Middle Earth and that of your own country. He argues with you over Vonnegut or with Beckett.  Books and literary humor that will make most of your memories with him.  

He will listen to you describe a character, or plot of the current David Baldacci mystery or swoon over Neil Gaiman’s simple, surrealist writings. He will mourn with you on the macabre and hallucinatory feel in Haruki Murakami.

He will write you looooong letters when he’s away because he knows how you love written words. He knows words soothes you and he knows how you love reading and rereading it. He will carry your bag, not complain how heavy it is as he knows it does not only contain lipsticks or work-stuff things, bigger weight belong to the books you bring to read when caught on traffic or while waiting for the dentist.

Sweet nothings, he will not just post on the ref but insert into the page of Paulo Coelho you’re currently devouring. Bookmarks, highlight pens and post-its- he understands these as your essential company. 

He will understand why you scorn, what makes you giggle. He will understand the power of Foucault. Silences between you two are never uncomfortable. Your best time together is him sitting on the couch while you rest your feet on his lap; both holding books separate in both worlds but conscious of each other’s breathing.

He will give you long tender and lingering kisses because he knows how precious these moments are and words are not enough to describe that. He understands the longing one has;  the excitement when seeking words are beyond reality. You can go on without sleeping, just talking about novels, stories of conquests, survival and love. He is never boring; he has more stories to share. He knows reading Pablo Neruda’s poems arouses you. Sometimes, he can be like Mr. Darcy- aloof yet romantic. He knows how sensible and sensitive you are. He knows you need some time alone for discernment; that one needs time to eat, pray and love.

He will not judge you. Covers are not an assurance of best stories. He knows it takes time to contemplate a Tolstoy novel, that war and peace is at both end of the spectrum but he’s willing to wait.

Date a guy who reads. And most probably, he also writes. Date him. Love him. 

Date a guy who reads. He will have a unique proposal to you, unequaled with creativity.  Marry him. He will be a good storyteller to your children as he will continue to believe in fairytales, imaginations and happy endings. He believes in the power of a book- the Bible to change the course of humanity. He will teach that to your kids. He will tell them that a reader is a leader. And  vice versa.

Date a guy who reads and you’ll both not regret growing old together spinning stories and holding on, fighting for “forever”.

PS. Guys who read, for me are just hot. For a visual treat you can visit Ohlala! :D



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