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5 Lessons from Mt. Apo

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012
NOT all lessons can be learned from the four corners of classrooms in fancy universities. Some, if not most, can be learned by spending time with Mother Nature.
This was the realization this writer realized in a five-day adventure on Mt. Apo, the highest peak.
After receiving an invitation from a friend May Che Capili, who was about to celebrate her 25th birthday on Mt. Apo on May 13, a month before her birthday, I immediately decline the invitation realizing that climbing Mt. Apo is no joke and it requires much preparation both physically and financially.
To make the story short, a day before the scheduled departure to Kidapawan City, the trail which the group decided to trek, I decided to go with the group.
At around 6:40 a.m. on May 11, we started our journey to the country's highest peak and the rest is history.
There were only five of us in the group, May (the birthday celebrator), Kristiane Fusilero, and the two guides whom we later on became friends Elvis Cabunilas and Glenn Truz and of course this writer.
Here are some of the lessons that the group has learned in our journey to Mt. Apo:
1.) Life is simple
Having been able to survive the first day of our journey, you will realize that you no longer need those gadgets you used to have in the city. All you need to have are the basics of life -- shelter, food, clothes, nothing more, nothing less.
2.) Respect for nature
As a first-timer to climb a mountain, not to mention without proper preparation and the required skills, one should have at least be oriented on how to care and respect Nature. There are a lot of violations committed against Mother Nature especially those who unscrupulously throw their wastes anywhere they please. Indeed, in life, we need to respect everything that co-exist with us no matter what they are.
3.) Best things in life are best to be shared with friends.
In times just like what we had, it is best spent with the people dear to you. Thanks to our new found friends -- guides/porters/chefs/mentors -- who taught us to appreciate Mother Nature more.
4.) Complaints won't make tough things better
This journey made us realized that by mere complaining, we won't reach the peak or our desired destination at a given time if we will only complain about how tough the trail we take. Life is like trying to reach the peak, you can expect tougher and harder obstacle if you want to reach that desired destination.
5.) God is on top of everything.
With our three days on the mountain, what the group realized, especially this writer, is the fact that God really exists. With the intricacy of God's creation, no one can question God's existence.
On our way back to our base camp at Lake Venado, the group observed a black bird seems to be a Myna, that keeps on following us all throughout our journey to the camp. For Elvis and Glenn, our guides, the bird appeared to be guiding the group for a safer journey.
On a personal note, one must try, even for once in their life, to reach the peak of Mt. Apo. Surely, this will give them another and unique experience which they will certainly treasure for the rest of their life.
Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on May 23, 2012.



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