Saturday, May 26, 2012

No KJ in KJ (Kampo Juan)!

KJ or Killjoy. Refers to a person who wants to ruin someone else’s fun.

KJ. Kampo Juan. The newest eco-adventure park in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

Kampo Juan, owned by the Acosta family sprawls in  9 hectare land offering rides for the adventurous and risk-loving people. The place is named after the patriarch of the family, Dr. Juan Acosta. A part of the area is also devoted for agriculture ie. plant breeding. They have dragon fruits, corn, vegetables and herbs. 

First is the anicyle. Bike on wire. Claiming to be the first and only Anicycle ride in the country will surely test your balancing skills. It was developed by Architect Bojun Bagayas after discovering a  tight wire could transport equipment of 80 feet. So he invented a more thrilling biker ride of 250 meters across. Try it. This is one of the MUST try things before turning 30!! :) 

Challenge also your strength in the two zipline ride. First ride, from tower 1 to Tower 2, the length's 270m; Second ride is from Tower 2 to Tower 3 stretches 520m. This is my 2nd zipline ride but the feeling of exhilaration is new. Enjoy the fresh air, the greenery downstream. Steeper inclination means faster acceleration or deceleration depending on the force of the wind. That time, there's an impending rain that wind's fast, I felt like a bird! whoooooo! 

Second zip: From Tower 2-3

Another featured adventure is the hanging bridge. So easy? Boring? Nah! This 120m long bridge has no wooden planks to step on, It is made of steel cable rods for frameworks and netted nylon ropes for support.  You will traverse this bridge connecting two cliffs with a sight of river underneath. Six people can go at the same time. Don't worry a safety harness will be attached to your body but expect something unexpected when you're midway of the bridge when side rail is just above mid-waist and you will feel the strong wind. One of their crew will sway the bridge intentionally! Ooops. I warned you now. That adds up to the thrill! :D

The staff here are very accommodating and helpful. I went there solo! And one of their staff, Ate Mercy could not believe I took the trip solo. They will assist you and volunteers to capture your moment.

Good place for team building and just for the adrenaline rush.

With Ate Mercy. For inquiries, just text her.  

With one of the harness men. :Sorry I forgot his name. :) 

The WWII Airforce memorial just near the entrance

So don’t be a KJ. Visit KJ (Kampo Juan)! 

How to get there:

From Davao. Ride the bus going to Cagayan. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Dicklum, Manolo Fortich. From there, take a motorcyle/ habal-habal (cost will range from P30-50). 

Rates are as follows:

Entrance = Php 50.00
Zipline Ride = Php 200.00
Hanging Bridge = Php 100.00
Anicycle = P300
  • Ultralight Plane = Php 1,200.00 per 15 minutes ride)
  • Paramotoring= P1,200
You can check their FB page: 
or you contact through landline: (088) 228-2409
or  text Mercy at  0926-621-2192

Let us Promote Eco-tourism. Green Travel people! :<3 



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