Sunday, July 15, 2012

THE CARAGA ADVENTURES 2: Ocean View Park and International Doll House

Woke up at 6AM since our tour planner, Kuya Jorge is quite strict! Breakfast is at Ocean View Park. The elders from the group was complaining because one needs to climb the steep stairs going to the place. For us, it’s a good start to exercise!

Trekking and not finding the cook. Bad combination. 
Hungry already! Bfast at Gail's Cafe. 
The restaurant is overlooking Brgy. Mangagoy and you can see the tuna vessels. The resto manager said vessels as far as General Santos and Sarangani came here to catch tuna as tuna catch were already dwindling near GenSan. He also shared that a coal mining and proposed coal-fired power plant was already approved for Koreans. He seemed proud. Then our admin officer said, "You know we are from NGOs and is the coal mining approved with consultations? What kind of development does this City wants?" He stopped. Probably he regretted sharing the information to us. We laughed. No discussion of politics and work early in the morning please! 

Overlooking Brgy. Mangagoy.
I love this window painting! 
We’re excited to eat seafood early in the morning but sadly, their cook was not yet around. The manager offered to come along with us on another resto at the city center. But first, we have to see the grandeur of his sister’s expensive hobby!

A collection of dolls from different parts of the world ranging from Php1,500 to P80,000! He shared that his sister is married to a Swiss but childless. She works as supervisor in a chain of malls at Sweden and started to buy dolls especially during her travels. She sends the dolls in their ancestral home or brings it along with her when she goes home every year. 

The kids will surely love it here but my golly! If I will have a kid, esp. a daughter, I won’t bring her here, afraid she’ll say this, “Nanay! Nanay! I want one of these dolls!” I might faint. Just hearing the price of each doll and the cost of maintaining this doll house, No thank you darling. This is a collection for those who have money to spare. Hehe..

Don’t get me wrong. Anyone has the liberty where to put his/her money but….(I better keep mum here. hehe) 

Anyway, to see the rare collection, here’s the proof. 
Barbies representing different nationalities!
Oh, Barbie and Ken are cousins and not lovers as I thought way back. hhmmm..interesting! 

Teddy Bears (named after former US Pres. Theodore Roosevelt. And the different clowns and jokers section
Asian dolls section. I so love the wayang kulit (puppets) and the doll from Bombay. 

Japanese dolls cost aorund P40,000! me faints! 
Photos by Mr. Jorge Golle 

And the most amazing collection: 
The biggest stuff toy! haha! 

Collage made by Liesl Bugtay


The night before, from Hinatuan river we drove to Bislig City and spent the night at the Paper Country Inn.

Lodging at Paper Country Inn, Room Rates below:

suite                P1,750
deluxe             P1,100
Standard          P  900
Economy         P  600

Contact details:
(086) 628-2313 & (086) 853-3079/ Facsimile (086)- 853-4144



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