Wednesday, July 18, 2012

THE CARAGA ADVENTURES 4: Britannia Group of Islands

I love beaches. I think I was a mermaid in my past life. My love for the beach (adding to the itchy feet syndrome) urges me to discover the beautiful islands that Mindanao has to offer. 
The 'magkuno tree' and the islets visible from the highway. 
The products made from magkuno tree. 
Where we spent the night. 
Entering La Entrada. Full of mangorves at the side. 
the foot bridge

 And for this trip between islands, one of the best well-kept secrets of Surigao del Sur is the 24 coral islets that look like floating topiaries (or as my friend Maarten said, they look like broccolis!). These islets are scattered in Lianga Bay, in Brgy. Britannia, San Agustin. I asked why they call it Britannia but no one gave me any concrete answer.Is it synonymous to Britain? Did someone from Great Britain , an explorer perhaps on pre-colonial times came here? (Curious mind asking. :p)  

Happyness in between broccoli islands!


The group of islets varies from shapes and sizes. This is comparable to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan with some islands looking like Chocolate Kisses! The largest islet in the group is the Boston Island surrounded by different rock formations and polvoron-like fine sands. You can camp here for the night.

Boston Island
Names of the other islands (not complete list. I forgot some of the names as I'm still so wuzzy that time.) are as follows:
  1. Kang Jose
  2. Kanlota
  3. Taguan
  4. Panas
  5. San Pablo
  6. Hiyor Hiyoran
  7. Hagonoy
  8. Minasingin
  9. Isla Verde
  10. Malingin
  11. Litik
  12. Bonbon
  13. Naked (The only island with no vegetation). :D

Ever wonder how many years it made these islets to be formed? It’s just amazing natural wonders. And people here just adapted to nature. You’ll be surprised there are people who lived even in very small islets. 
L-O-V-E is in the air! :)
As we're about to leave Boston Island, I made a wish using shells and stones. (originally made by Jorge then I finished it. A simple wish for....yeeeeeiii! ahaha! 
yehaaaa! :D

Watta wonderful experience! No one can stop me (yes, not even the emotional stress I had) from enjoying this beautiful God-given gift! :)


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