Monday, August 27, 2012

CARAGA Adventures ITINERARY (5 days)


4:00am                 -            Departure from Davao City
8:00                      -            Breakfast at San Francisco
9:00                     -            Travel to HInatuan
11:00                   -            Arrival in HInatuan via Barobo and Tagbina
11:30                  -             Arrival in Barangay Cambatong (14 kilometers from municipal proper)
   Entrance fee    -              20.00/head
  Cottage            -              100.00
Life jacket (for those who do not know how to swim)     -     100.00
o  Enchanted River is 26meters deep (just in case you don’t know).
o  No swimming at 12:00noon since its feeding time for the fishes.
o  From the head spring, the river flows 600 meters into the coastline of Hinatuan Bay, which is facing the Pacific Ocean.
o  During high tide, sea water flows back into the river and makes the water brackish.

12:00                     -              Lunch across Enchanted River
                         (Food range from 50 to 100 per servings and no pork or beef being served only seafoods)

For reservations, packages and updated rates, you can check the Enchanted River Management Office at Mobile number: +63920 - 259 - 5554 or the Municipal tourism officer : +63919 - 460 - 0855

1:00                        -              Continuation of swimming
                                            Also a wooden foot bridge also leads to the docking area for motorized bancas, which ferry  tourists to the nearby island and beach resort for P150 an hour.

4:00                        -              Pack-up and travel to Bislig City

6:00                        -              Arrival in Bislig City
                                                Lodging at Paper Country Inn
                                                Room Rates below:
                                                                                                suite                      P1,750
                                                                                                deluxe                   P1,100
                                                                                                Standard              P  900
                                                                                                Economy             P  600

End of Day 1


7:00                        -              Breakfast at Ocean View Park and International Doll House
                                                Barangay Cumawas

8:00                        -              Travel to Barangay Borboanan

8:30                        -              Arrival in Tinuy-an Falls

                                                                Entrance Fee                     -              50.00/head
                                                                Cottage                             -              300.00
                                                                Raft (to get close to the falls)      -     150.00
·      It has a 3 tiered falls with a total height of 55 meters and a bathing width area of 95 meters
·      It has 3 islets at the swimming ground, cool atmosphere with presence of dipterocarp trees, ferns, orchids, and vine along bank of river.
·      multi layered riverbed of stones skillfully crafted by nature.
·      And formation of rainbow rays from 9 am to 11 am.

You can set your reservation to the Tinuy-an Management Office through their reception officer Mr. Edwin Roble at +63929 - 858 - 6387 or to the Manager Mr. Mario Barola at +63939 - 939 - 9441.

12:00                     -              Lunch at Tinuy-an
1:00                        -              Climb to the upper cascades (Layer 2 and 3)

4:00                        -              Pack up and Travel to San Agustin, Surigao del Sur in MacArthur’s Place

6:00                        -              Dinner at La Entrada Resort

For reservation and Island tour package booking, you can contact La Entrada at +6309499719630 or 09218078974 or the Tandag tourism officer: +639196593160. 

End of Day 2

Day 3

6:00                        -              Breakfast
7:00                        -              Britannia Islets tour

                                                                Boat Fee       -              1,500 (good for 15 persons)

·      Britania Islets can be found scattered in Lianga Bay in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur
·      There are 24 coral islets that look like floating topiaries

12:00                     -              Lunch in one of the islets

2:00                        -              Back to San Agustin and travel to Claver

4:00                        -              Arrival in Claver
                                -              Boat transfer to Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte
5:00                        -              Arrival in Bucas Grande
                                -              Lodging at Balanghay Hotel
                                                                                600.00/ room good for 3persons

6:00                        -              Dinner

Day 4

6:00                        -              Breakfast at the Hotel
7:00                        -              Swimming with the jelly Fish
                                                Sohoton Cove
                                                Bolitas Cave
12:00                     -              Lunch (Baon)
1:00                        -              Magkahuyog Falls
                                                Crystal Cave
                                                Hagukan Cave
                                                Tiktikan lake
5:00                        -              Back to hotel
6:00                        -              Dinner at the Beach

Day 5

6:00am                 -              Breakfast
7:00                        -              Travel back to Claver
8:00                        -              Travel to San Frans, Agusan del Sur
11:00                     -              Early lunch
12:00                     -              Travel to Bunawan, Agusan del Sur
2:00                        -              Visit to Lolong
3:00                        -              Travel back to Davao
                                              Home -- Sweet- Home 

Itinerary prepared by Kuya Jorge Golle. Visit his website:

Unto the next adventure. Always remember, WANDER AND WONDER! ♥☺ 



john said...

I will share our getaway experience in Surigao province…We went to tinuy-an falls and enchanted river. The spots are now included on my list of the most beautiful places ive ever visited. After experiencing the magnificent falls and the enchanting river, our group decided to go to Britannia Islets. It’s morning when we arrived there, we thought that there is only one resort that will take care our needs, but we are wrong. If im not mistaken there is five of them. There is one guy that guided us to the said resort, we thought that this guy is some kind of leech that will s*ck up our money for services, that guy is from the LGU group (native in the area). We decided to look for other options and we arrived at the MC ARTHUR RESORT. We look at the prices of their foods and found out that the price is similar to Davao city, so we get out in the resort and went back to the LGU group. We found out that it’s 60 percent cheaper than the MC ARTHUR RESORT. After buying the sea foods from LGU, we stay in their small nipa hut. We are surprise when a lady came to the hut and asked us why we left the MC ARTHUR RESORT. She asked us if we encountered problem with her staff. We said we didn’t. But to our surprise, she got mad and said we are rude because we entered their resort and we left without reason. Our group answered that we have the freedom to leave their resort as long as we dont have outstanding balances and we didnt break any rules, but she insisted that we should not do that. After saying that, she immediately left.

My point in writing this is to inform people about the said resort and to avoid future problems. If you don’t believe me, try to do the same. The locals in that area said to us that it’s not the first time that they had seen that problem.

Thanks to the breath taking scenery of the Britannia Islets that make our stress go away because of that stupid lady.

May Che said...

Dear John,
(Hey that's Nicholas Spark's novel! hehe).
Thank you for sharing yoru thoughts. I still prefer community-based tourism. Like that in Sohoton.
I'm glad you found the beauty of Mindanao that's in danger due to the unabated logging and mining in the area. I hope after seeing the beauty, help us encourage more people to travel, to be aware of the environmental concerns and also, let's tell the staff from Mc Arthur resort or any resort that in tourism industry, basic courtesy and professionalism is very crucial. :)

Gabz | Pinoy Travel Freak said...

I'm glad to see this post. Thanks for the detailed itinerary. Can't wait to explore Caraga region next week! :)


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