Monday, August 27, 2012


Lolong sleeping. I feel sorry for him.
 I'm singing for him, ♪ No more lonely nights ..

Meet the biggest and longest saltwater crocodile in the world Lolong of Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. Lolong is named after the famous veteran crocodile hunter/ catcher, Ernesto "Lolong" Goloran Cañete from the Palawan Crocodile and Wildlife Reservation Center.
However, several days before the crocodile was captured, Cañete's died due to heart attack.

Australian zoologist and crocodile expert Dr. Adam Britton visited and examined Lolong and after six months, Lolong was officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s biggest crocodile in captivity” measuring 21-foot (6.4-meter). 

"Rescued"? In one of the videos presented, Lolong was said to be "nuisance" crocodile.
Rescued or exploited? Howell. these are some things to be problematized.  

Watch how LoLong was captured:

There’s a controversy right now since national DENR wanted to transfer Lolong to Quezon City. Of course local government officials and residents are fighting back. Lolong is a tourist come-on and also an inspiration for small entrepreneurs who made this Lolong Bread!  

Astonished Fr. DJ, our Ethnography professor and happy students waiting to devour  the sexy Lolong bread.
Thank you Ate Carol for the pasalubong, for always feeding our hungry tummys. :D



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