Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things that Make me Happy and Oh so Gay!

It's been raining the whole day. 

I am sick (cough and running nose) but there are still many unfinished business. 

To perk up my day, 

I scanned my Imahe (images) folder and pick out pictures that always lift my spirit. 

Old architecture 
Cool poem on a staircase
Young Artists and Writers.  
Letters and Flowers. <3 nbsp="nbsp">
Smiley pasta
new mantra 
nephew and niece
Double Rainbows! 
Dresses and weddings.
And an excuse to be silly at the church.
Beach boys!
Old trees with memories
Colorful locally-woven textiles 

Happy pills!

So what makes you happy today? :)


Nooky said...

iapil ang pics nako sa imoha on a white dress sa Blue Waters. until now, i can still imagine vividly in my mind ang aura nimo sa mga pics na yon.

May Che said...

wow Mama Nokie! Like a boss! Next na Happiness post ko ah. I'm planning to make it a monthly post (series) :)


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