Wednesday, September 5, 2012


waking up in a tent!
playing the guitar.
impromptu photoshoots (and kissing scene :8)
giving butingtings
seeing terrorists (pranks with the boys!)

having a new job..

sand, moon, clouds
and colorful nails!
playing with kids (with my little buddy Inggkit!) 
competing with my niece and nephew over flashing lights!
going to the zoo. :D

 bonding with cousins 
goofing around with my sister

climbing trees and monkey bars

pajama parties

taking the road to 'nowhere'
watching the sun set
eating fresh catch from the sea.
teaching people how to fly! :)

colorful alleys 
seeing people fighting for a cause
guy(s) playing with their dogs
finding meaningful bench to relax
creative buildings 
trying out new drinks
looking at wonderful street art!
..Observing observant kids who doesn't care about rules nor microbes! :)
silhouette photographs 


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