Monday, December 31, 2012

Remembering 2012, Welcoming 2013!

Yes another year will pass. And like any last day of the year, we could not help but reminisce the good memories, the blessings we received as well as the mishaps we encountered. Time flies so swiftly. If we could only hold on to that moments but we know we can't. Like the sand we can’t hold to it forever. We can just smile and HOPE that we can do better for the next year.

The year 2012 is  A year of Firsts of All Sorts.

I started the year with a very exciting heart.

It was only last February when I was busy preparing for the first trip with the Happy Freaks to Intramuros and Subic

It was my first to travel abroad, explore and make new friends.  

I will always be thankful for the great opportunity to meet Nur, Maarten and discover more the world and trust in humanity through Couchsurfing (CS).  I also met an interesting couple, Inna and Jeroen in an equally interesting circumstance. It just showed that  we can conquer distance and technology can be used to make the world smaller. We can make it a borderless world.  

I learned a lot from the experiences of my classmates from different parts of the world for the Competing Claims on Natural Resources Management Class.

Competing Claims on NRM Class 2012. :)
My happy feet took a life of its own. I explored more with my CS Davao family. I am grateful for knowing the passionate fellow travelers Mommie Gracie, Manoy Czaldy and Kuya Marcial, Mok-mok, Allyn and Eiki. Meeting and talking to Journeying James is also a bonus. 
CS Davao goes to Amihan sa Dahican in Mati, Davao Oriental
Adventure is a part of my body. Work could not stop me from exploring the place I visit. While waiting for our annual meeting for the energy advocacy, I stopped by Manolo Fortich and tried the Anicycle offered by Kampo Juan. 80 feet,  250 meters long! Fear of heights? Nah!

Last May, it’s my first ascent to the Grandfather of all mountains to say thanks on my birthday. Apo Sandawa, I will always be grateful for the gift of life and friendships.

Midyear, BIG CHANGE career-wise opened up. I have to jump over the fence and expand my work with new organization on disaster. I  tried my hands on technical reports and feature writing more. It gave me the opportunity to work with advocates and be more aware of Davao City's (my second home) issues. 

Then I decided to enroll on the newly opened Masteral Program of Environmental Anthropology in Ateneo de Davao University under the Institute of Anthropology. I remember telling myself I will be flirting with words again  and despite thick readings and eyebags, I am enjoying. I am learning not just theories but more from my classmates from all profession. This is a class nurtured by cooperation and sharing, from readings to food!

Envi Anthropology Pioneers! :)

Then I was offered a job that no one can say no. I was asked to be the research assistant of the senior anthropologist, Pons Bennagen on one legal land rights study in Butuan City. I’m back on the field and it’s my first try to work with the academe. Sir Pons never stop being a fieldworker. His quotable quotes, intellectual jokes will make you say, uuhhmm..”Anyare?” and he always remind us to ask ourselves, what comes after your work? The lingering question is, “So what?”. As researchers we have moral and social responsibility and we owe to the community the knowledge we gain from them.

Adding to my Firsts is my First Asian Trip to the Land of the Elephants- Bangkok, Thailand. Same same but different., as their tagline says. We are quite the same with Thais in terms of facial features, weather-wise but we have too much differences in terms of governance and language.  
Sawadee Bangkok!
And of course, the year ended with the most BLISSFUL email I got. I might be giving up some things I've gained this year but opportunities like these are hard to come. There is still a loooong process to undertake but it can't stop me from dreaming. 

I know  more intense disasters are coming but our faith must be stronger. Typhoon Pablo might have devastated homes, but never our Spirit. We need to prepare and we can do this if we brave storms together. 

As we end this year, I humbly bow my head for all of the grace and test, to strengthen my heart. 

To all of the people who remained- I THANK YOU! I love you.
To my new acquaintances- I look forward on forging new memories.
To all new adventures and travels- I am ready. :)
To God- I remain faithful.

I am starting the year with an excited and hopeful heart again. Giiidddy giddy yap. 

I am closing this year with the loudest cheer. And I am claiming 2013. Yahoooooo!!! J


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