Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Waiting for the fogs to clear

At 5:30AM, still sleepy and feeling cold, we waited alongside other tourists for Mr. Sun to come out at Kiltepan Viewpoint. In between waiting, we drank soju (yes like a  mouthwash!)  and joked around.
It’s a good thing we got another group (Mara Lopez and her 2 friends) to join us and share the van rent. 
Soju as mouthwash. :p

We waited for an hour, looked at the movement of the clouds and the thick fogs. Mr. Sun went out for only about 20 minutes and hid himself again. 
shattered glass
Photo by Jorge Golle

Since it’s already 700AM, we decided to go back the lodge, wash ourselves and prepare for the trek to Bomod-ok Falls. 

With Ate Gloria, our guide

The way to Bomod-ok Falls is an hour trek alongside the rice terraces with the cold breeze and the sweltering heat. We met Ate Gloria, our 49-year old guide who jokes around and pleasantly told me stories of their land passed from generation to generation and her children's schooling. She picked up sunflowers for me and offered to take my small backpack. She provided us with long thin bamboo sticks saying it’s our “helpline’ in slippery areas and for our uphill climb.  

It was an hour trek for a 1.9km way to the once majestic falls. Bomod-ok from the word, bod-ok (pushed from the rock) , is also known as the Big Falls. It used to contain water in wider area before it was tapped as drinking water and irrigation of communities surrounding it. Our three companions (Mara, Dian and Ian) swam at their heart’s content at the fall’s basin pool. They invited us but Ian’s nanginginig na taba sa tiyan (as Boni described it) is enough proof of the water’s coldness. And we have to trek back at high noon! So we contented ourselves dipping our foot and exploring the area amidst the big boulders. Gladly we’re here at off peak season, so we can almost say we got the place for ourselves.
Aiming at the Sun
After another hour of trekking, we went back to our lodge, too tired to move our muscles. Grumbling stomach made us walked again for the late lunch at Salt and Pepper Diner. Then we slept until 5PM. 
Too sleepy while waiting for our orders. Too hungry that we will eat anything. 

We hiked again to take a look at the Hanging Coffins. There are no more trails going directly to the coffins. Jorge and Boni were there before and they were able to get closer. It was closed because of the looting of the coffins, some bones were stolen believing it is a good amulet and some teeth which have gold innings. 

Like a child rediscovering the wonders of soundwaves bouncing, w
e shouted at our heart’s delight at Echo Valley. We shouted the names of the people we wanted to bless (or curse? Haha!). 

It won't be an authentic Strawberry House if it don't have the plant. They have pots of it; some were planted in bamboos and plastic containers.  
Then we trekked back to town proper and this time, tried the Strawberry House (it’s just beside our inn). Since we’re still full with our late lunch, I just ordered a sandwich and paired with the yogurt with fresh strawberry. Super yum and filling! Must try this at home. 

While the two of our companions were too tired, Boni and I on one hand,were wide awake and itching to explore. We wanted to have a feel of the local night life and hoping to find those three cute foreigner backpackers we've met during our arrival. And truth be told, we're up for another adventure *wink wink* But lo and behold, all shops close at 10PM!  So we walked and saw a bar with Bob Marley's tarp outside and ordered beers. We met three local guides who taught us how to take the momma with limestone added with tobacco. They shared stories of relative peacefulness (zero criminality!) in their area. When they left, Boni and I are the only ones around.  We were finishing the beer when this expat with dark blue eyes popped his head at the door and smiled, said good evening and asked me if I know someone who sells joint. Holy camote! He just easily said it in a conspiratorial voice.  He was almost begging since it’s their last night there and asked me thrice if indeed, I don’t know someone. He was testing me. For him, it's either I don’t know someone who sells or I have it but just don't want to offer it to him. The nerve! Well sorry honey, you brought along a girl with you and you won't believe me. We could have assisted you in looking for a joint but nah, you're a waste of time! :p 

So we left the bar and walked in the dark and eerie road. I was describing to Boni (in a somehow loud voice I suppose) the openness of marijuana coffee shops in Amsterdam, when this guy sitting outside that bar just butted in and said, “I am selling one. I left it at home though. I can get it.” And we stopped in our tracks. Bakit ngayon ka lang kuya? May naghahanap kanina eh! Should we? Hhmmm..very tempting. I nudged Boni. But crazy thoughts of murder, frame-ups and unused cell bars were running on his head. We said thanks to that guy and headed to our lodge laughing at our foolishness What a way to end our second day.♥ 



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