Monday, January 27, 2014

The Joke is on Us

We have been too engrossed watching Showtime that we forget there are more sides of the story and there are more stories needed to get the limelight. This "sympathy" with the celebrities made some of us act as if we know everything what's happening after the camera rolls. Some tried to dig who this girl is and those 'thugs' who mauled the very amiable, too generous comedian.

Sympathy and empathy is different with sensationalism. Don't be a part of this nasty ratings game. What you see on TV is not what they seem to be. We should think again. Or maybe we are no longer thinking. After all, escapism is easier to taste than swallow the hard realities. 

This "need" for our "care" for them compels us to show it in all forms of media. To have #JusticeforVhongNavarro and preoccupying our time with him over and over  (yes that includes reading articles about that incidenr and putting his video viral) yet disregards reading even the basic facts about the peace process is just laughable. Oh what peace process?

This is NEWS! The two panels just signed the Normalization Annexe , the  last of the four annexes to the October 15, 2012 Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB). It talks about the decommissioning of the armed wing of the MILF and outlines steps to disarm private armies in the proposed Bangsamoro area. Yes, dismantling armies of political families not just in Mindanao but we should also reiterate that this be also done in other parts of the country. That should be relevant, right?

You talk about violence and justice? Then go beyond the walls, beyond those high rise condominium and  start to set our anger at the proper direction. Cry for Justice for the 58 media and civilians massacred in Ampatuan, Maguindanao. Cry for Justice for those who disappeared. Remember the names of Jonas Burgos, Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empenio, among other desaparecidos.

And by the way, thank you mainstream media (yes you  ABS-CBN, GMA, your executives like Gabby Lopez, Gozons and even you Boy Abunda) for giving lots of your airtime to this brouhaha. This is the tragedy of our lopsided priorities.




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