Friday, March 7, 2014

You have a part of my soul

They’d never been lovers, of course, not in the physical sense. But they’d been lovers as most of us manage, loving through expressions and gestures and the palm set softly upon the bruise at the necessary moment. Lovers by inclination rather than lust. Lovers, that is, by love - Gregory Maguire
From Eric Carle's book entitled Friends
I've been asked several times if you know, we are going out. Of course we are! I mean, we've like malling, hiking, biking, traveling together and talking till wee hours in the morning.  I hear the dramatic undertones when I try to explain what we have. They wanted to know if we are an item. As if we are two pieces of a display. That always make me laugh. because you and I have been comfortable with each other that I could not think of you in a romantic way.

You are one of the few male species I've let into my circle. You are my sanity amidst the heavy drama. I can be honest with you. You know I believe that transparency is a virtue. I am not afraid for you to see me vulnerable, too messy and quite transparent.

I am writing this to remind us how friendship is true partnership. That a man and a woman can be friends. With the inconstant relationships I/you have, this is with no ending, just happy beginning and unbreakable middle. Friendships even outlast marriages (as we once remarked). Because really, this is kismet. :)




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