Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Meet the Backpackers of Vietnam-Cambodia Trip

This is Ma. Nina Regina Quibod. The birthday girl.
The Fedora Cap Girls!

We embarked on an 8-day trip from Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh (Cambodia). Read the next articles and let us share our story. :)

Nina, Ninya or Kapitan is a wildlife biologist, a lover of bats  and a certified noisy traveler.  I call her Manins or Kibodsky, Our first trip together was in Bangkok last 2012. It was our first Asian trip and our first time to travel together for her birthday. I booked the flights, she paid for it. I got a Couchsurfer friend said yes to host us both. I regaled her of my “travel agent’s skills’ only to realize too late she only got 3 days there as the flight back time is at midnight! I was embarrassed for the said booking mishap but Nina maximized her stay visiting temples.
Manins is a loner sometimes; She will disappear for several minutes because she's engrossed with other little details in the place you're visiting. She's a ratpack too.  She collects postcards (and sends one for herself) and currencies in all denominations of each country she visits.

We have no strict itineraries and we like countryside trips. Being on the field for so long had taught us to love spontaneity. We have known each other for 10 years now and gladly, we have survived each other beyond college.
This is our second trip together since we already proved that we can survive each other  in Bangkok. For this trip, we booked the flight as early as September last year on the much awaited Pisofare promo of CebuPac.  In the middle of the night, I got a call from her of her plans and I am a kaladkarin (willing  to be dragged). Besides she’s a willing sponsor.  This trip has kept us excited for rest of the year.

This is Fei Xyza Asuncion. She’s a friend of Nina and we only met personally on the day of our flight to Ho Chi Minh. She texted me while I was charging my phone at one of the columns in  Terminal 3.On the first glance, I knew we can travel together.  Nina with her super busy schedule totally forgot to introduce us but it was an instant hit of talk and laughter between us.  She’s sweet and has been mistaken as Cambodian when we crossed the border. She takes pictures of every food we partake.

And meet me, Dora and my pack. My backpack has been with me for 5 years now and I joke that my relationship with my backpack is even longer than my romantic ones. HAHA. Okay let's sing:
♫ ♪ Backpack, Backpack!  I'm The Backpack Loaded Up With Things And Knickknack's Too. Anything That You Might Need I Got Inside For You. Backpack, Backpack! ♫ ♪ 
They say, you will learn a lot from a person when you lived with them and when you travel with them. You will know your idiosyncrasies and attitude that can either be endearing or very annoying. And it is best to really have a travel buddy who has the same personality like yours. Gladly, Nina and I have surpassed that. And Xyza is also a no-fuss traveler.


Ninya :) said...

Thanks for surviving each other for 10 years! 10 years of crazy friendship together means we have 'something' that makes us together. Love you so much Beatch! You will forever be my ultimate travel buddy! Mwaaah! :-*

Kakay said...

Sis! ngka romantic relationship jud diay ka? hahaha

May Che said...

@Nina: Manins yes it is a feat! And I am looking forward for our Latin America trip. One dream at a time. Let's learn Spanish na!

@Kakay: Contrary to rumors, yes I do have a long term romantic affair. Though most of it are secrets! hahaha


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