Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hiatus and Growing Wings

This is a repository, a  sort of extension and 'cleaned up' version of my doodles and stories in my journals. And I have a looooong list of drafts in this "virtual diary" from months of being on the road. I don't claim to be a travel blogger or anything. I just like the idea of sharing stories of having a good laugh or mishaps with strangers.

But lately, I just stopped writing. There's a kind of hurricane that sucked up all your energy that all you want is to just stare in the wall. Or stay in bed the whole day.

You know the feeling of craving for something but not knowing what it is? Or the feeling of having too much in your plate and you decided you are not that hungry at all? That and a whole lot more.
No this is not depression. Just a much needed hiatus to find my swank.

My friend once remarked, "Oh you no longer update your blog?" I just smiled. I still helped out friends on their travel itineraries and even customized how-to-tips. I blame Facebook and Instagram for the instant snaps and captions. The sort of I have to post it now thoughts that you no longer have the energy to compose a longer one later on.  I blame my laziness and lack of discipline. Or I clearly believed that wrote a lot of stories and poems in my head during sleep and when I woke up, I just can't remember a single word.

I still write in my notebooks and rediscovering my old notes- laughing at my silliness and wondering how it came too easy before.

For now, I keep busy staring with this Totoro goodness:



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